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The holding company where all the strings come together

The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, based in Lupburg in the South-East of Germany, is a medium-sized, internationally operating group of companies that provides you with innovative manufacturing solutions in the field of 3D printing.

As a holding company, FIT AG is your contact for strategic issues such as a strategic project partnership or cooperation in the context of R&D projects or joint ventures.

FIT AG owns several operating subsidiaries that complement each other in their specialization and business areas.

As a globally operating partner for additive manufacturing, we supply customers from around the world.

FIT.technology GmbH

FIT.technology GmbH

Prototypes and end-use components

At FIT.technology you will find solutions for: 

  • Individual parts with series characteristics
  • series components
  • individualized serial components
  • rapid prototyping
  • rapid tooling
  • spare parts
  • conventional manufacturing
  • almost any form of post-processing

Do you need components and value innovative added value and reliable part quality? We are the top partner for 3D printing parts of all kinds. Whatever you need - from prototypes ready for testing to end-use components ready for use, whatever industry you are in - aerospace, mechanical engineering, mobility, automotive, racing, and many many more -, we are your reliable manufacturing partner. But we support you in every step of the production chain, from the development of design and construction to the qualification of materials and technologies to prototype, single-part, and series production with advice, action, and the appropriate understanding of efficiency, quality, and costs.

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FIT Production GmbH

FIT Production

Medical products – from single parts to customized series

FIT Production is the subsidiary of FIT AG specializing in medical technology. Here, medical technology expertise in regulatory affairs and quality management meets more than 25 years of specialized knowledge in the field of 3D printing.

  • Patient-specific medical implants and trial implants
  • Medical series implants
  • Patient-specific serial implants
  • Prostheses
  • Orthotics
  • Medical devices and surgery-preparation tools

Maximum care is crucial in the additive manufacturing of medical devices. FIT Production GmbH is a registered contract manufacturer of talus implant blanks made of titanium using the EBM technology for the US market.

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Additive Tectonics GmbH

Additive Tectonics

Exceptional construction projects

Additive Tectonics is the expert for the production of:

  • prefabricated parts for the construction industry
  • art and design objects.

Additive Tectonics offers you completely new possibilities in the construction industry, in architecture, and in the production of art and design objects thanks to additive manufacturing. That's why we are the perfect partner for architects, builders, and planners who strive to create exceptional works.

We support you in your building projects in every phase of performance, from the 3D model to the finished building. With regard to manufacturing, we have the first production facility in Germany to manufacture large-format prefabricated parts for the construction sector using additive manufacturing, plus the special expertise to successfully carry out extraordinary special projects.

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