FIT Additive Manufacturing Group unveils first ADM factory

At its Technology Day on April 7th, the rapidly expanding German FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, an unparalleled provider for Additive Manufacturing (“AM”), has inaugurated its new German headquarters and new manufacturing facility – the first such facility worldwide, which was totally conceived for AM.

In 2014, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group announced its plan to establish a facility solely for additive manufacturing, with an investment of 20 M Euros. The result of more than 2 years of endeavor has now been presented to the public. The whole ground floor of the factory is dedicated to the additive manufacturing of metal parts. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is proud to possess the highest capacity for the additive manufacturing of metal parts in the world. One of the most interesting applications here is the volume manufacturing of identical but also customized parts. The complete first floor (second floor for our US colleagues) is dedicated to the additive manufacturing of plastic parts. One of the major applications here is the manufacturing of prototypes for the automotive sector.

Carl Fruth, founder and CEO of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, explains his vision: “We firmly believe that AM should be a mainstream tool in industrial manufacturing. Our goal is to create a digitized scalable factory and to develop standards for higher volume series metal AM. To get there, processes still have to be more stable, automated and cost-effective. That’s where we are putting all our energy and ambition every day.”

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