Are you prepared for Additive Design and Manufacturing?

To remain competitive, many technology-oriented companies are exploring the opportunities that additive manufacturing can offer their business model. However, it's not sufficient to simply purchase the right hardware. It's the new way of thinking engineers will have to adopt that will determine the success of introducing and adopting AM.

We Add Design to Additive Manufacturing!
With over 20 years of production experience with additive manufacturing (AM), our FIT Additive Manufacturing Group experts know the possibilites and restrictions of the diverse technologies and materials very well. We know about the importance of a skillful additive design to achieve better yet cost-optimized parts. That's why we focus on Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM).

Learn from our unique and extensive ADM knowledge! Our workshops for designers and technical engineers will show you the basics of true additive design and the subsequent manufacturing. Schedule one of the following hands-on trainings. They will be held either at our headquarters in Lupburg, Germany, or on request at your company's office.

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group ADM engineering workshops:
We offer three levels of training for additive engineering.

  • Basic level: Additive Design and Manufacturing
    Get an expert summary of the ADM principles, the application and challenges of AM in comparison to traditional technologies, and the essential design rules for AM.
  • Advanced level: Additive Design and Manufacturing
    Learn how to choose and evaluate new parts suitable for additive manufacturing (part screening and cost analysis), and how to construct them.
  • Individualized Workshop:
    Contents of this customer-oriented workshop can be specifically tailored to meet your needs

Hands-on software training using Autodesk Netfabb:
Get practical instruction by our experienced engineers, and learn the tips and tricks to optimize your engineering efforts regarding:

  • manufacturing
  • design
  • process simulation

For further information, a detailed quote, or to schedule one of our hands-on training workshops, please email us at:
We look forward to hearing from you!

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