Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Medical Implants

Titanium medical implants are an ideal application for additive manufacturing (AM). Process-related benefits complement the clear economic advantages. Speaking of medical technology, FIT Production has specialized in producing individual implants, serial implants and medical devices. FIT Production is compliant with the requirements of the American FDA and has been certified according to the European standards of EN ISO 13485.

AM for individual implants: Fast and cost-efficient
• Large production capacity and availability at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group allows for immediate order fulfillment

• No time-consuming CNC machine programming necessary
• No raw material storage required
• Significantly reduced delivery time (minimum 4 days vs. 10 weeks or more)

Want to know more about the advantages for designers, marketing authorization holders (MAHs), hospitals, doctors, and the patients? Please click here.

AM for serial implants: Cost-efficient production of complex parts
• Freedom of design allows for very complex components that cannot be produced by conventional technologies, e.g. volume structures in spinal
• Surface quality: The native roughness resulting from the AM technology can be further optimized by AM-specific microstructuring
• CE mark of conformity for series of identical implants (for European markets)
• Reduced set-up costs for simultaneous production of design variants in one build job since no tooling is required

This example of a titanium implant for craniofacial bone reconstruction illustrates the clear benefits of additive manufacturing for customized implants.
Download the case study by clicking here.

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