Speed up your production with additively manufactured metal parts made by laser melting

Did you know that the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's factory for additive manufacturing provides the biggest capacities for metal parts in the world? We are your reliable partner whenever you require innovative metal parts fast and in controlled quality.
Excellent use cases for metal parts made by laser melting are complex serial parts and quickly available prototypes that fulfill exactly the customer's requirements.
For more information about our standard materials in laser melting (i.e. aluminum, stainless steel, maraging steel) please read our material data sheet.

5 good reasons why you should 3d-print your serial parts by laser melting at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group:

  • Huge production capacities allow for quick availabilty and short delivery times
  • Big build chambers allows bigger parts resp. bigger lot sizes
  • High freedom of design for innovative, completely new products
  • Assistance in product design by skilled additive engineering (e.g. regarding topology optimization, serial optimization, FEM analysis)
  • Special quality control for functional serial parts as needed e.g. in motorsport

From innovative manufacturing technologies such as laser melting to cutting-edge conventional finishing techniques: We can perform all desired services under one roof. Let's find the best solution for your products – fast, flexible, cost-effective.

5 good reasons why you should 3d-print your prototypes from laser melting by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group:

  • Manufacturing without tooling means shorter iteration steps as design changes can be immediately implemented
  • As no tooling is required, the flexible production of design variants allows for shorter product development time
  • A rich variety of processing and finishing options allows for perfect design samples as required e.g. to support the sales team
  • Fully functional prototypes made from the original material of the final product permit reliable test results
  • All parts will undergo a clearly specified quality control using a variety of inhouse 3d measuring methods

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