FIT Additive Manufacturing Group now able to produce XXL plastic parts by new AM technology

One rare restriction AM still has to face today is size – which is determined by the size of the build chamber. For all customers who need big-sized plastic parts, the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group now has the right answer: The new GDP technology can produce xxl parts up to the size 1.8 m x 1.5 m x 1.2 m. Manufacturing speed is up to 10 times faster when compared to similar technologies. This is especially useful for prototyping purposes, e.g. for big objects intended for visual communication and advertising, for concept models, furniture, etc.

What is GDP?
In „Gel Dispensing Printing“ (GDP) a special gel is extruded by a
dispenser (print head) to form the part. The material is then
hardened by UV-LED curing. Possible layer thickness varies between
0.7 mm and 2.1 mm. For more information, please see our
GDP data sheet (PDF)

Advantages of GDP in comparison to other AM technologies
• no supports needed even for strong backcuts
• no support needed for lids up to a diameter of 20 cm
• XXL size: max. 1.8 m x 1.5 m x 1.2 m
• high printing speed: up to 0.33 m/h (z-axis)
• two simultaneously working print heads
• produced parts ideal for classical model building and finishing technologies (e.g. milling, polishing, coating)

Excellent addition to FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's range of technologies and services
"Now we are able to meet our customers' needs for big-sized parts
better", explains Carl Fruth, founder and CEO FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. "We have
of a great variety of finishing technologies in model building and are
able to offer our customers a multitude of efficient solutions, with
short lead times and at reasonable costs."

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