Improve your plastic parts by functional metal coating

We are pleased to offer you a new post-production service: functional metal coatings enhance our broad range of services for additively manufactured parts and components.
The application of the metal coating is a process of electroplating plastic parts with a thin layer of nickel and/or copper. The mechanical rigidity of a metal coated plastic part is increased by up to a factor of 10x.

The applications are broad for metal coatings:
• Esthetic refinement for design purposes
• Significant increase in part rigidity
• EMC shielding
• Long-term dimensional stability
• Lighter parts with the benefits of a metal outer surface
• Electroforming
• Lower cost due to plastic substrate versus all metal
• Added materials flexibility to meet greater design creativity!

Our application technology is based on a proprietary eco-friendly system designed specifically for producing the galvanizing process without any wastewater. Please note our current capacity:
• 4 large baths (each 1,000 l) for simultaneous use
• Part sizes on request

5 reasons why FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is right for your coating needs:
• Shorter lead time as this additional service is performed in-house, under one roof, thus eliminating logistical delays
• Eliminates the geometric design restrictions caused by bending limitations of formed parts
• No additional charge for low volumes as small as a single part
• High degree of customization
• This non-contact coating process is proprietary to FIT Additive Manufacturing Group!

For additional technical questions, including available substrate materials, layer thicknesses, etc. please download our data sheet.

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