Postshow report of an energizing PRI at Indianapolis (IN)

FIT America, a member of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, looks back at a very successful first-time PRI participation. It was
really motivating to discuss our service opportunities related to motorsports with so many interested visitors. Pity you couldn’t make
it – but no worries: We will be happy to assist you in all questions around Additive Design and Manufacturing.

Our trade show highlights in a nutshell

Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a specialist provider for industrial additive manufacturing for metal, plastic, and ceramic. In our model
factory we are able to offer you the biggest privately-owned capacity of additive manufacturing of metal parts in the world. Please find
here an
overview of all of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's services.

One of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group highlights was the presentation of the new WAAM technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing). The sample parts attracted a lot of interest because many visitors immediately recognized the benefits of the technology for their fabrication – fast build rates for big, massive metal parts at reduced material costs as every wire material apt to welding may be used. Please see our informational WAAM data sheet.

Don Stamets from FIT America on his trade show impression: "Overall the show was very successful. There was a very high interest in our metal printing technology. The cylinder head received the most views. At times it was literally surrounded be interested visitors viewing it. The other often handled item was the tubing assembly. People were most impressed by the weight difference."

Watch the video case study of our topology-optimized cylinder head on YouTube!

For those not familiar with ADM – this is the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's concept for Additive Design and Manufacturing. No one wants to be second. It's all about winning, and the ability to efficiently innovate and manufacture designs and systems can provide that added edge. PRI put on display what Additive Design and Manufacturing as conceived by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group can contribute to the motorsport industry. Please find here a case study regarding our topology-optimized cylinderhead (pdf) as well as an overview of our range of services in ADM.

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