FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's Quality Characteristics of Selective Laser Sintering

A recent survey among FIT Prototyping's customers reveals SLS as one of the most sought-after technologies. Thomas Geitner, CEO of FIT Prototyping which is a member of the international FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, explains the good reasons for this success story.

Thomas Geitner: SLS is one of our most successful technologies in AM. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's team excels by possessing decades of deep expertise. An entire department dedicates all its energy, talent, and skill to mastering this technology. Depth of knowledge, coupled with our machine capacities – we currently run 12 SLS machines – guarantee a swift manufacturing process for SLS parts. Bear in mind, the greatest advantage of of AM is speed: We are usually able to produce parts of almost any geometrical complexity within 2 working days. Let's face it, prompt service adds an essential competitive edge for every business!“

Process Characteristics

• Hardening of powder thermoplastic layers (100-150 µm) by
• Build space max. 700 mm x 380 mm x 590 mm
• Production time: starting from 2 working days

Range of Materials:

• FIT Alumide
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FIT Elastomers

Properties and Benefits:

• Good mechanical and thermal properties
• Group of assemblies can be realized as one piece
• Very little finishing need
• Series manufacturing
• Functional parts within extremely short lead times
• Highly complex structures of conventionally impossible geometries

Areas of Application:

• Design prototypes
• Prototypes for functional testing
• Industries: automotive, consumer goods, interior design, etc.
• Components of high geometrical complexity
• Pilot series
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