FIT showcases new AM technologies of Ceramic Printing and WAAM at ceramitec and AMUG Conference

Ceramitec 2018 in Munich

Ceramitec 2018, the international trade show of the ceramics industry, was an excellent forum for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group to showcase its latest technology enhancement, ceramic additive manufacturing.

AM specialist FIT Additive Manufacturing Group made an impact at Ceramitec by focusing on cutting-edge ceramics from additive manufacturing, proving again its capability as a technology pioneer. Ceramic printing is a specialized skill of Boston Ceramics, a member of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Boston Ceramics is backed by 25 years of experience in research and practice in this field. Areas of application can be observed in design objects, luxury tiles, and individually customized ceramic wall panels.

"Ceramitec was a great opportunity to present the possibilities of our ceramic AM to the industry experts present at this trade show as well as to the general public", explains Oliver Cynamon, Head of Business Development at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group.

Ceramic printing is not intended to directly compete with conventional ceramic manufacturing. On the contrary, it empowers companies to produce totally different products, thus furthering the versatility of the material. This means, with ceramic AM it is possible to realize extremely complex designs which could not be achieved through conventional industrial technologies. No tooling is required, small batch manufacturing is no problem either, with lot sizes starting from 1 – an interesting perspective for luxury interior design, but also for prototyping.

AMUG Conference, St. Louis (MO)

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference assembles draws together engineers, designers, managers, and educators from around the world to share expertise, best practices, challenges, and application developments in additive manufacturing.

CFO, Albert Klein represented the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group in the 2018 AMUG Conference section by introducing FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's new product solution addressing an additive technology that’s gaining attention – Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). WAAM is able to produce massive parts by utilizing a 5-axis wire arc additive manufacturing system. As discussions showed, the attendees were intrigued by the specific benefits of the technology: large format AM, higher build rates and significantly reduced material costs compared to powder bed AM – and, WAAM can process all available welding wires.

Material data sheet (pdf) | About the technology (pdf)

Bruce Colter, new VP at FIT America, is delighted by the positive feedback FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has earned for its comprehensive services at AMUG Conference. "The beauty of AMUG is that the attendees are truly users of the AM technologies. I know that FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is uniquely qualified to serve these users in making prototype and production parts (in metal & plastic), performing contract manufacturing, and assisting in the design & material aspects that give our customers a competitive advantage. There are only 4–5 companies in the world that have the AM technologies, talent, and financial stability that exists at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. These capabilities, along with the industry’s highest quality control standards, make FIT Additive Manufacturing Group a leader in AM!"

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