Brain Food: This is what makes FIT Additive Manufacturing Group employees fit and healthy

Diana Petschulat (BARMER GEK) is expecting the guests / Enjoying the healthy yet tasteful buffet!

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has a good reputation as a technology leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing and hightech 3D printing. Yesterday we had a focus on fitness of another kind: BARMER GEK, one of Germany’s top statutory health insurance providers, organized a Health Day for our FIT Additive Manufacturing Group employees, following the motto "Brain food. Eat healthy to stay fit". The health specialists gave an overview of state-of-the-art nutrition research and its practical integration in a balanced work life, including some simple yet effective tips how to avoid performance slumps.

Thank you, Stefanie Metty for a comprehensive and enlightening presentation, and Johanna Bartmann for demonstrating so many easy recreational office exercices – getting rid of the day's workload felt really good. The buffet with easy-to-prepare organic dishes and drinks was a truly tasteful accomplishment to the workshop.

Working with FIT Additive Manufacturing Group means of course that our employees are fit by nature, but they are even more so since yesterday.

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