The new impulses of 3D printing for art and design

3D printing is well-established in art and design

Art is an expression of human creativity and appears in an almost unlimited number of manifestations. With a keen interest, we observe that a new medium has emerged as an interesting addition to the well-known inventory, giving artists access to a new technical freedom of expression: additive manufacturing.

Contemporary art is disruptive. 3D printing is disruptive as well. So it's not such a big surprise to see contemporary artists explore this medium esthetically, as reveals the growing number of galleries and exhibitions showcasing fine art from 3D printing.

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A new way of making: The metamorphosis of the real artwork from digital data

In the digital age the artwork no longer starts its coming into existence with the artist clutching the chisel to carve the sculpture directly from the stone. Artists and designers create a virtual object before they turn to the physical material. Meaning, the artwork gains its three-dimensional appearance by the intermediary of a complex data model. These enhanced technical opportunities inspire sculptors and designers to find totally new esthetical options of expression.

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FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the new hammer and chisel

Art will rightfully be called art only once it's perfect. So it will not only take suitable materials and subtle craftsmanship but also the adequate tool to accomplish the artwork. We understand what this means and have specialized, as a technology leader in additive manufacturing, in highly demanding projects. We love art projects and to solve tricky challenges is one of our passions. We are a meticulous manufacturing partner, with a special attention even to the tiniest of details. We are only satisfied when the client is, bridging the gap between the artists' parts of creating the data model and performing the finishing refinement.

So, if you want to turn even the most eccentric ideas into reality: Try us! You can upload your data here to obtain a non-binding quote.

It really makes us profoundly proud to participate in the creation of new and breath-taking art and design works. Let us invite you to stroll through our art and design gallery and to proudly present some really remarkable objects to you.

Malina Sebastian's answer to the eternal desire for "Immortality"

Berlin fashion designer Malina Sebastian created the design of this highly complex corsetry for her collecton "Immortality"m and we produced the intricate form by using Selective Laser Sintering. The futuristic dress was shown at the Platform Fashion Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, as well as a contribution to the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2017.

With this collection, Malina traces humanity's old enigma if there can possibly be something like immortality. The 3D fashion oscillates between grotesque and avant-garde and is inspired by elements of human anatomy, a bizarre vegetation, and a fictive alienesque expression of humankind's desire of endless life.

An attractive contrast is formed by of the soft and highly traditional silk material used for the soft pleated skirt as opposed to the rigid skeletal corsetry made by 3D printing with its associations of sci-fi industrial production.

WertelOberfell: Shine and shade

For 3D Pioneers Challenge 2016, we realized WertelOberfell's contribution using Selective Laser Sintering. ATOMIC LIGHT consists of 4 rings that are based on concentric ring-shaped spherical segments. As a result the rings can glide above each other in any position, are always in a balanced state and stay in place due to additional material friction.

The adjustability of the rings enables the user to adapt the light to various room and light situations e.g. glare shielding and gives ATOMIC LIGHT its unique character.

To give the rings the required stability, the designers generated a stiffness-optimized parametric 'Honeycomb Wireframe'. This new structure can only be produced by using 3D printing technology. The inner ring features two built-in channels to house LED stripes.

ATOMIC LIGHT was designed for the entire structure to be sintered lying horizontally to keep manufacturing cost at a minimum.

M. Eibe San Dheina: The Lotus Fountain

Characterized by an austere geometry that reminds us of the design vocabulary of art deco, this lotus-like water tap unites the function of bathroom fittings and the esthetics of a fountain. A fantasy story of how elbs would wash their hands, designed by FIT.

The lotus blossom is manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering, the matte surface is electroplated by Nickel. The stylized geometrical brass grid reminds of the single jets of water even when the tap is not in use.

Christian Thaler: The Watering Bonsai

A reminiscence of pop art, Christian Thaler's interpretation of a water tap reverses the relationship between plant and human being: Where the gardener normally waters the tree to keep it prospering, it's the tree here that dispenses water as an allegory to the life-giving power of nature.

The technical execution combines different finishing techniques. The bonsai's crowns were manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering, colored in luscious green, whereas the abstract trunk's polygonous surface is coated with Metal to achieve a cool look.

The Watering Bonsai has been installed in FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's headquarters in Lupburg, Germany.

M. Eibe San Dheina: The Raining Leaf

The leaf-shaped water tap designed by M. Eibe San Dheina is inspired by nature, alluding to an abundant rain forest vegation. The vascular water transport in plant stems serves as a model for the tap, yet the functional analogy is interrupted by the water outlets in the leaf veins. The botanical design of the copper leaf evokes the elegant floral elements of art nouveau. The tap in use at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group was realized by Selective Laser Sintering and finished with a warm copper coating.

What is it that moves you? Art? Design? Or a brilliant idea? We are here to assist you in every respect. With the right technologies, we will work together to turn your ideas into reality. Contact us.

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