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These are just two of the central conceptions industrial AM is currently focused upon. Improved or totally new additive technologies are the motor to advance the possibilities of 3D printing. Read more about the brand-new and absolutely fascinating rocket technology of SP3D, the latest technology enhancement at FIT.

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Supersonic 3D Printing
FIT will soon 3D print copper parts at three times the speed of sound

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is one of the first companies ever to invest into cold spray technology. "SP3D", as the sci-fi-esque new technology by Australian manufacturer SPEE3D is called, offers several clear benefits. The reliable processing of copper is one, production speed another: SP3D is reported to be 100 to 1,000 times faster than other 3D printing technologies. Plus: Estimated production costs will be comparable to those of conventional molding techniques.
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FIT campus is growing
FIT opens own boarding house with individual 3D printed facade

Architects and building companies resort more and more to the fantastic potential of Additive Manufacturing. FIT is showcasing how to integrate 3D printing purposefully into the construction process. "It's a fact that there are not enough hotel rooms in Lupburg. This actually represents a restriction to our growth", explains Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT. "We operate worldwide and more and more customers from abroad are coming to visit us here. Apart from this, we intend to be an attractive employer for highly qualified staff", continues Fruth. So the idea of the boarding house was born, and it would not have been FIT, would it not excel by an individual facade unthinkable without 3D printing.
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Lighter and cheaper than pure metal
Improve plastic parts by adding metal properties through metal coating

Does it always have to be metal 3D printing? In many cases, it will be a clever and economical alternative to electroplate plastic parts. This creates a durable metal surface and will improve the functional properties of plastic parts for many applications. Metal Coating is one of our most sought-after finishing options and is easily available as an in-house service with high capabilities.
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Think big in Italy!
FIT extends its sales activities for xxl parts in metal and plastic to Italy

The latest technological developments finally allow additive manufacturing to overcome former size restrictions. GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) e.g. is an ideal solution to realize large plastic objects up to a height of 1.80 m. Perfectly finished, large objects excite a maximum of attention – with our expansion to Italy now also in the homeland of fine design!

Meet & Greet
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