Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Prototype business is defined by one major requirement: speed. Short product development cycles prove to be a crucial competitive factor.

At FIT, we offer you optimum lead times, a broad technology portfolio, and extensive capabilities. You won’t have to bother about unnecessary delays of your product development. From the long-termed experience of our prototyping experts you may be assured that we know and understand your requirements exactly, and we always strive to provide the ideal solution for the production of your prototypes.

Some facts: The quote procedure takes an average time of 4h, it takes an average of 48h until our customers receive their prototype, and over 99 % of the approximate 250,000 prototypes produced at FIT each year arrive perfectly in time. Read at the end of this newsletter what this means for our customer satisfaction!

Case study: Small batch series

The challenge.
You would like to produce a part in small batch series but the necessary injection molding tool is no longer available and to manufacture it totally anew is too expensive and lengthy?

The solution.
To reproduce the needed parts we recommend you a clever hybrid solution which unites the advantages of both worlds of additive as well as conventional manufacturing.

The project realization.
The injection molding tool is manufactured in a first step by using laser melting all along with aluminum or steel. In a second step, the needed parts are manufactured cost-effectively by using injection molding and the original material. This combined procedure is ideal for small batch series of lot sizes up to 5,000. Production time in injection molding varies between 5 and 10 working days.

We are your perfect partner whenever you need original parts, in small and medium-sized lot sizes. Come and get your tailor-made quote! We produce your tool, and believe us, 500,000 injection molding parts per year make us a truly reliable industrial partner.

Case study: Individualization

The challenge.
The Golf Club Lauterhofen wished to adorn its golf course by tee-off markers that had to respond to requirements such as good visibility, weather resistance, and absolute uniqueness.

The solution.
In a close dialogue with the club management, our design experts suggested to depict the mascot of the club, a Red Kite, which is a typical bird of prey of the region, in a 3D version for the tee-off markers.

The project realization.
Our design engineers then developed a 3D version of the logo of the golf club as a data model. Selective Laser Sintering was used to produce a master model. After design approval, the pressing tool was additively manufactured, and around 80 tee-off markers were initially produced from silicone using elastomer manufacturing. The ground spikes were produced as direct metal inlays into the silicone and withstand even a bad golf shot. The highly decorative tee-markers are so popular that they have to be replaced regularly as they keep disappearing from the green…

Here’s an overview of our elastomer materials and technologies e.g. injection molding. Want to know more? Send us an inquiry. We will happy to assist you!

Case study: Sleep apnea

The challenge.
Snoring can be a real problem – and this doesn’t allude to any noise nuisance in the marital bed. Around 3.7 m people alone in Germany suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Episodes of decreased breathing during sleep lead to a reduction in blood oxygen saturation. This may be dangerous. The aim was to find a solution to avoid these dangerous respiration stops.

The solution.
In close cooperation with the Australian CSIRO, Oventus Medical developed an individual mouthpiece that protects sleep apnea patients from fatal breathing pauses. Each mouthpiece has to be perfectly adjusted so that it will fit comfortably and won’t disturb the patient’s sleep.

The project realization.
The parts are built on our Q20 machines from titanium using Electron Beam Melting. As a specialist for the additive manufacturing of medical components, we provide reliable and certified processes for the production of titanium blanks for the medical products and devices industry. This enabled us to lead Oventus through an intensive prototyping and evaluation process, ending in a planned true serial manufacturing of around 500 individualized mouthpieces per week.

Many fantastic medtech ideas and projects lie hidden in drawers, waiting for their accomplishment. Do you also need just a little support to get going? Stop waiting. We look forward to your inquiry!

Best regards
Thomas Geitner

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