Spot on S.P.O.D.! For 3D printed spare parts, it's all about availability

For some years now we have observed that especially for long-running investment goods the availability of spare parts is rapidly declining. The reasons are multiple, whereas the consequences will always be the same: Rising downtimes annoy customers and are costly. That's why we developed our service program Spare Parts On Demand (S.P.O.D.), our solution for a clever spare parts management which is able to reduce costs and to ensure availability.

Learn more about S.P.O.D. and other innovations from FIT in this edition of AM News!

Spare Parts On Demand

How does S.P.O.D. work?

S.P.O.D. (Spare Parts On Demand) pursues one goal: to turn conventional spare parts into 3D printable spare parts in a six-step process. S.P.O.D. will focus on those spare parts who are marked by

  • high downtime costs and risks,
  • critical availability, as well as
  • qualification for addtive manufacturing.

With S.P.O.D. we provide a win-win solution for you and your customers!

Want to know more about S.P.O.D. made by FIT? You’re welcome. We look forward to your request.

Sample case: Reengineering of a sand dispenser

The challenge.
Every locomotive accelerates and brakes with the help of sand. The sand is dispersed onto the rails by a special device, part of which is the sand dispenser. The long-time manufacturer of this component suddenly ceased its production. In order to avoid train cancellations, Deutsche Bahn had to find a reliable substitute very quickly. As the original was a grey cast iron version, there was no digital data model to resort to.

The solution.
On the basis of 2D design drawings our product designers performed a complete reengineering to create a 3D data model of the part. After a thorough evaluation of the requirements (sand is highly abrasive), titanium was identified as the ideal material because of its wear resistance. The housing was produced using Electron Beam Melting (EBM).

The realization.
Engineering time for the immediate procurement of the operational spare part took only 1.5 working days, production time one week. In order to reduce costs for the future series production, our engineers performed a further design optimization. The 3D printed part has passed all functional tests. Now the file is stored in our production data base ready to be requested on demand.

If you wish to know more about our reengineering solutions or once you have a specific inquiry, you know who to turn to. We look forward to you receiving your message.

The availability of this spare part for Deutsche Bahn has been ensured. Plus: Production costs could be lowered by 50 %!

Sample case: Repair of a bearing plate by WAAM

The challenge.
Bearing plates are used in various applications and usually consist of different elements. In this case the main body is made from wear resistant steel whereas the bearing cylinder is a layer of copper aluminum which is highly susceptible of wear. Instead of producing the complete part all anew, a sustainable, faster, and more cost-efficient solution needed to be found.

The solution.
Repair instead of replace! On the basis of the original data model, the defective inner bearing is removed by CNC milling and a new material layer is applied.

The realization.
In the present case, the necessary repair is conducted by using the special AM technology of WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing). WAAM uses arc welding to build up the component in layers, literally all welding wires can be used. Thus applying an internal layer of CuAl was no problem. As WAAM surfaces are quite rough, the needed surface quality was achieved by CNC milling according to specification.

If you wish to learn more about this and other additive possibilities of part repair, please go ahead. We look forward to your inquiry!

Production costs could be lowered by 65 %, production time by 90 %!

In our next edition of AM News, we will again delve into S.P.O.D. to explain some other aspects in more detail. If you can't wait to learn more about 3D printed spare parts before this date, please don't hesitate. We will be happy to assist you in every question you may have! Just get in touch with us.

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