Are you striving to realize customized series with Additive Manufacturing?

Time and again I happen to come across the question if, and when, the much discussed industrial revolution by AM will finally arrive. The truth is, many products of our every-day life have already been produced using AM. We usually just don't make a fuss about it. A perfect product simply has to do its job, invisibly, smoothly, and that's it.

However, the question is justified in one respect: There still is so much unexploited potential. The path to success is indeed bumpy, and it just is not enough to buy an AM system and to hope that success will, miraculously, find its way into one's business. Many aspects have to come into play when a perfect end-use part shall be produced.

From our 25 years of practical AM experience, we have developed a comprehensive AM portfolio. Let me show you today the services that will be helpful for you to realize customized series manufacturing with AM.

We Add Design to AM
The basic rule can be summarized as “ADM“ – Additive Design and Manufacturing. It's utterly simple: No additive design, no good additive product. In our previous newsletter we introduced the ADM services around technology development, engineering, and qualified single part as well as volume manufacturing to you. Today it's all about our training offers (ADM-T) as well as our services for customized serial manufacturing (ADM-CV).
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ADM-T: Trainings
Like every manufacturing technology, Additive Manufacturing requires specific expertise and a profound understanding of the technological specifics. Depending on your interests and starting position, we offer training courses which will teach you all about technologies, processes, and materials. Learn how to start the innovation booster for your business!
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ADM-CV: Individuelle Serien
Individualization is a megatrend of today. Additive Manufacturing allows companies to create entirely new business models through the serial production of individualized products. Such projects represent serious challenges in many technological fields, scanning, data preparation, manufacturing, and especially in quality assurance. See how we can master these challenges together:
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