Day 3 at Formnext: Verity in variety!

FIT unites, under its roofs, a multitude of technologies which is hard to equal. We can provide you with well-established technologies such as laser melting, SLS, electron beam melting, and stereolithography, but also with extraordinary and rare technologies like Supersonic 3D Deposition (SP3D), and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). The art is, however, not just to collect the technologies - as fascinating as this may be - but to use them to deliver technically and commercially mature products with safe production processes. A well-defined portfolio allows us to meet our customers' needs with utmost precision. We are not constrained to recommend a technology just because it is available, whereas other technologies would have been much more appropriate. An illustration of the synergetic interaction between technology and its perfectly adjusted design is the selection of our bar tables at the booth. It was one idea in the beginning, and the results are baffling different, depending on what technology was used. At our booth H 11.1 C11, you are invited to take a snack or an after-work drink at our stylish bar tables!

Am Grohberg 1
92331 Lupburg

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