3D-printed acoustic artwork

Acoustic element "Silent Orchestra" is a 3D-printed artwork

German artist Peter Lang and additive manufacturing specialist FIT AG create a large-volume hanging sculpture

(Lupburg, 2021-05-17) Inspired by wasps' and hornets' nests, painter Peter Lang has worked with FIT subsidiary additive tectonics to create an unusual piece of art with a sound-absorbing function.

The basic idea for the work titled "Silent Orchestra" was developed by Peter Lang in collaboration with acoustics experts from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. The 3D-printed sculpture is made of a multitude of nature-inspired tubes arranged in a honeycomb pattern and will be installed as a large-format sound element hanging from the ceiling in the meeting room of the client where it will also serve to improve the acoustics.

The analog preliminary work: hand drawings
Underlining the esthetic contrast between tradition and innovation, Peter Lang combined classic analog and contemporary digital processes in a novel way to create a unique art object. More than 10 months of preparation were required before the production of the artwork could begin. To do this, the artist broke down the analog model into 43 layers and drew the object outline of each layer by hand on 3x6 meter fleece sheets.

Digital implementation: data model and programming
The sheets were hung and photographed, these individual images were then processed on the computer to create a three-dimensional digital data model as the basis for 3D printing the art object by using Robotic FDM. This means, a robot arm is equipped with an extrusion nozzle to apply the material layer by layer under computer control. To achieve homogeneous and perfectly parallel layers over the entire height of the object, the development engineers at additive tectonics programmed a complex algorithm that enables the extrusion nozzle to traverse the entire object without ever crossing its own path which would create an unwanted overlap.

Interaction between 3D printing and manual material feeding
For a sustainable, nearly CO2-neutral manufacturing process, the material used was Arboblend, a biocompatible plastic that Peter Lang infused with beer as a natural adhesive and with hand-selected high-quality pigments from Pigment Kremer. By manually mixing the different colored granules during the extrusion process, the artist achieved individual color effects which led to the desired uniqueness of the work's appearance. The process-related rough and fibrous surface, in combination with the bionic geometry of the art object, provides the intended, sound-optimizing effect.

Within two months, the bionically shaped sound absorber was created as a unique analog-digital-analog work of art, combining old artistic craftsmanship and innovative digital manufacturing technology in an entirely original way.

Press photos (photo credits each: FIT AG/Martin Hangen):

About Peter Lang
Peter Lang (*1965 in Holzkirchen) is a German artist of the 20th and 21st century. The focus of his work in painting and art print is the transformation of sensual perception of landscapes into often large-scale pictorial works between essential representation and abstraction. www.peter-lang.info/

About FIT AG
The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a leading international industrial partner for additive manufacturing. As a pioneer in the industry with over 25 years of experience, the company develops and manufactures prototypes, production aids, 3D printed spare parts or additive manufactured final components for a wide range of customers. From product design to construction and manufacturing to post-processing, the AM specialist makes the entire value-added chain of 3D printing available. In addition, FIT also has numerous conventional processes at its disposal, such as CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum casting or the processing of elastomers for efficient small-batch production. FIT AG's sales in 2020 amounted to EUR 22 million. The company currently employs a total of 250 people at its headquarters in Lupburg and at other locations e.g. in Bologna (Italy), Brasov (Romania), Modletice (Czech Republic), Zhukovsky (Russian Federation), Nagoya (Japan), and Peoria (USA). www.fit.technology

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