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Meanwhile face shields are an integral part of the basic equipment of the specialist staff in medical facilities. They are intended to help doctors, nurses and carers to better protect themselves and others from infection with the corona virus. Since visors have long been urgently sought after in short supply, FIT AG is responding to the bottlenecks and is now also supporting the supply service with face shields for medical as well as everyday use. Improvisation is important in times of scarce resources, yet the solution must be sustainable and professional, and of course quickly available. The FIT face shield serves as a simple splash guard, because the additional shielding is intended to prevent the transmission of droplets released by coughing or sneezing. It consists of an easy-to-disinfect shield carrier in ergonomic design made of high-quality and skin-friendly polyethylene (PE), equipped with a transparent exchangeable shield foil and fastened around the head with an elastic band.

Advantages of the FIT Face shield

  • Three exchangeable foils are supplied as transparent shields. If you need more, any commonly available transparent plastic foil can be used.
  • The shield carrier can hold a shield of 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm thickness.
  • To anchor the shield to the inside of the shield carrier, you just need to punch holes in the spare foil (DIN A4) using a standard hole punch.
  • The weight of less than 40 g results in a high wearing comfort even when working with face shield for a long time.
  • The shield carrier is made of high-quality, skin-friendly polyethylene (PE).
  • The material is resistant to most cleaning agents and can be disinfected very well.
  • Disinfection with a steam sterilizer is possible.
Advantages of the FIT Face shield
Get your own FIT face shield now!

Get your own FIT face shield now!

Currently only orders from Germany are possible. For orders from abroad please send us an e-mail to visier@pro-fit.de stating the order quantity and your complete contact details. Please refer to our price list with regard to the currently available order quantities. Thank you very much.

Please note our price table and the quantity discounts.


Scope of delivery
A kit for making a face visor is supplied, consisting of an adjustable plastic head strap, three transparent disposable hard PVC shields and an elastic band.

Delivery time
Currently 2-3 working days

Payment method
Advance payment by instant bank transfer or Paypal

Please find here the assembly instructions.


If you have any questions please contact visier@pro-fit.de.

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