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„Nothing is impossible.“

Toyota keeps breaking new ground in vehicle development, and so does FIT. The additively designed console box in the new LQ shows what is possible: additive volume production with road approval.

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toyota lq 3 mittelkonsole
toyota lq 3
Faszination Fortschritt

“Helping stents!”

When it comes to implants, individualized patient care is one of the top priorities in medical technology. A precision process is needed to manufacture complex stent geometries with ultra-fine precision: Micro-SLM made by FIT.

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>14 methods for quality assurance
60+ Industrielle Anlagen für AM
TISAX approved
Starker Arm

„Space is the place.“

The race to space is highly competitive. Everything has to be super light, maximum loadable, 100% safe and as cheap as possible. Innovative components are in demand. FIT produces answers.

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Space is the place
Rocket Science

„Splish splash!“

Sustainability and protection of the environment are the challenges of our time. 3D printing offers solutions. One example: SECORE International Inc. relied on 3D-printed ceramic elements to develop seed units for building new coral reefs.

But in architecture, too, there are great opportunities to improve the environmental balance, using recyclable materials and lightweight construction. FIT is one of the pioneers in this area and offers fantastic solutions for more sustainability in the construction industry through computational design, digitally integrated processes and the innovative SCA process.

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Coral reef
Colonization unit for corals 1
Colonization unit for corals 2
Colonization unit for corals 3
>15 different am technologies.
You'll only find that at FIT.
>50 industrial 3D printing systems.
Capacity to meet any need.
>25 years of experience in additive manufacturing.
We know our business.

Is the need to progress increasing its pressure on you?

If you want to be on top, you must have the courage to make progress. Where do you feel the greatest need to act right now?

1. Legal requirements make product development more difficult?
2. Suppliers do not deliver?
3. Customers are demanding better and better solutions?
4. Product life cycles are becoming shorter and shorter?
5. Substitute products cannibalize your sales?
6. Fierce competition is cutting into your margins?

We help you to reduce your pressure to progress!

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That's how we are

We are enthusiastic about additive manufacturing and its great possibilities. Every day anew. We love developing new applications and producing innovative components that push our customers forward. See for yourself and come visit us at FIT's AM Campus in Lupburg. We look forward to seeing you!

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FIT AG Office

“I bet there still is an even better solution.”

Founder and owner of FIT AG, Carl Fruth is a synonym for radical innovation and the claim to make good things significantly better using additive manufacturing. This is what we call the fascination of progress!.

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