As a leading specialist in additive manufacturing, our mission is to deliver a perfect component for your specific application every single time. That’s why we have access to a range of 3D printing technologies, such as stereolithography (SLA), laser melting (LM), and selective laser sintering (SLS), as well as numerous conventional production technologies. Together with our development expertise for 3D printed components and our extensive post-processing possibilities, we offer you a unique range of additive manufacturing services. 

Our service promise to you:

  • Reduction of your “time to market” thanks to the industrial 3D printing of prototypes
  • Increase in your productivity with function-optimized and 3D printed production tools
  • Improved availability of spare parts with 3D printing on demand
  • Sustainable enhancement in the value of your products/components with perfectly 3D printed individual components, small batch series, or series-produced components.

As a 3D printing service provider with around 25 years of experience, 280 employees, and over 1,500 satisfied customers worldwide, we can clearly prove to you that we keep our promises.



Innovation is the fuel for our development. Our aim is to develop solutions to meet your future requirements even better, faster, or more cost-effectively than today. We therefore employ a research team of about 40 experts who are focused on software development related to additive manufacturing as well as plant engineering, process automation, material development, and innovative 3D printing technologies. We invest in promising AM technologies early on and develop these through to market maturity as a technology leader.

Top News

Glanzvolles Kirchenretabel mit 3D-Druck

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group realisiert glanzvolles 8 Meter hohes Kirchenretabel.
In den Werkshallen der FIT wurde in den vergangenen Monaten ein außergewöhnliches Kunstwerk gefertigt, das nun den Altarraum der Kirche St. Laurentius in Altmühldorf schmückt. Das 3D-gedruckte Retabel ragt dabei acht Meter hinter dem Altar in die Höhe und beeindruckt durch seine komplexe Gitterstruktur und die spezielle, goldfarbene Beschichtung. Entstanden ist so eine faszinierende Symbiose aus zeitgenössischer Kunst im historischen Umfeld einer gotischen Kirche.




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