One for all: GmbH is new sales company at FIT

One for all: GmbH is new sales company at FIT

(Lupburg, 2023-03-28) The Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has modernized its organizational structure. The newly established subsidiary GmbH unites all services related to additive manufacturing under one roof, serving as the number one address for customers when it comes to the 3D printing of prototypes and tools as well as single part, series, and spare part manufacturing. FIT Production GmbH continues to be active for customers in the field of medical technology.

Founded as a service provider for prototyping back in 1995, FIT has since focused on the additive manufacturing of prototypes and tools. Following the increase of importance of industrial series manufacturing, the prototyping as well as the series manufacturing businesses were spun off into the two subsidiaries FIT Prototyping GmbH and FIT Production GmbH in 2011.

As technology is evolving, the formerly quite distinctive businesses are converging more and more, all along with the observation that the customers' needs keep changing as well. In response to these observations, a large part of the business of FIT Production GmbH has been merged into FIT Prototyping GmbH, which has hence become GmbH. This means, customers will receive all FIT services from one company. "We have realized that the splitting into two separate subsidiaries has led to some kind of confusion among customers. Just recently, our annual customer satisfaction survey revealed, again, the strong wish for unchanging contact persons at FIT, independent of what service will be provided. By merging FIT Production and FIT Prototyping into GmbH, there is no longer any need to ponder what subsidiary will be the most suitable to turn to. You have a manufacturing need? Just ask GmbH. It’s one for all. This helps us to define ourselves more clearly“, explains Carl Fruth, CEO of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group.

The only exception relates to the additive manufacturing of medical devices. Since this industry is a very specific area of application for additive manufacturing, this expertise will remain with FIT Production GmbH, which will then focus entirely on medtech customers.

About FIT AG
FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a leading international industry partner in the field of additive manufacturing. A technology pioneer with over 25 years of experience, the company develops and manufactures prototypes, production tools, 3D-printed spare parts, additively manufactured end-use parts and series parts as well as works of art for a rich variety of verticals. From additive design and engineering and manufacturing through to post-processing and quality control, the AM specialist provides the entire 3D printing value chain. In addition, FIT has numerous conventional processes at its disposal, such as CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum casting or the processing of elastomers for efficient small batch series production. Group revenue in 2022 was EUR 25 million. The company currently employs a total of 250 people at its headquarters in Lupburg, Germany, but also in Bologna (Italy), Brasov (Romania), and Braintree, MA (USA). 

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