Art and design: Cybersculpture "SKER"

Stilles Orchester

In the fine arts, the realization of radically new ideas often fails because of the possibilities of implementation. The geometry is too complex, the costs too high, the material not available, and anyway, what are you supposed to make it with?

Don't let your creativity be limited. There are new solutions. Additive manufacturing offers a range of suitable processes for the production of artworks to create sculptures from metal, plastic or natural materials from very small to very large.

Inspired by one of his trips to Iceland, painter and printmaker Peter Lang wanted to create a work of art consisting of 27 individual parts that together form a 7.5-meter-long and 2-meter-high circular sculpture in the shape of a volcanic rock island. What's special about it is that the work is to be created digitally by the artist in the virtual world and then produced live by two interacting robots at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover.

How this project was realized by our subsidiary Additive Tectonics in collaboration with the artist, we show you in our product use case.

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Art and design: Equestrian statue


For the end of Dr. Angela Merkel's term in office, artist Wilhelm Koch had the idea of putting the former German Chancellor on a horse without saddle and bridle as the "Golden Rider". Without a pompous pose, but with a typical rhombus and trouser suit. The 2.70 meter high sculpture of the politician can be found in the middle of the lawn in front of the Tempel Museum in Etsdorf, Upper Palatinate.

The detailed, lifelike equestrian statue was made of recycled lightweight concrete coated with gold paint. SCA (Selective Cement Activation) was used for the additive manufacturing process, which allowed the artwork to be produced without formwork and without any waste.

Would you like to learn more about this project, which was realized by our subsidiary Additive Tectonics? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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Art and design: Church retable


When the Catholic Church of St. Laurentius in Altmühldorf, Bavaria, was renovated, the parish decided to boldly modernize the entire church interior. The Munich artist duo Empfangshalle was commissioned with the implementation. Their idea: an 8-meter-high, gold-colored retable that rises as the centerpiece of the church directly behind the altar. The special feature of this sacral piece of art is its sophisticated structure, which was developed in collaboration with Studio Tessin using a computer-generated design.

There were two main challenges in creating this complex lattice structure. Due to its size, the object could not be manufactured in one piece. Therefore, the multi-part fabrication had to be cleverly planned so that the large whole could be assembled in the end. In addition, a way had to be found to give the piece a metallic appearance and golden look, even though metal fabrication was not possible for cost and weight reasons. The solution: We used polyamide and coated the surface using a specially developed technique.

Do you have a project that is similarly ambitious? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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