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Art fabrication leverages creativity with innovative technology, or more precisely, digital creation with additive manufacturing. Like every expression of art, the visual arts are constantly searching for new materials or techniques to manifest their ideas. With FIT's art fabrication solution, it is possible to break completely new ground in the production of sculptures or other artworks.

Take advantage of our comprehensive capabilities. Together we are able to push the boundaries of the possible and realize forms and manifestations that were previously impossible. We are with you every step of the way, from the initial idea through conception and realization right up to the installation. Everything from one single source.

These are the steps to your unseen artwork:

Creative exchange
You will receive a detailed assessment of the feasibility as well as an overview of the possibilities to produce your artwork in the desired form.

Software experts are available to help you transform your idea into the digital world.

Rapid prototyping
You can test how your artwork will look to make necessary adjustments before manufacturing.

You'll have access to the additive or conventional technologies you need and can use them to manufacture your artwork yourself or have us manufacture it for you.

Installation assembly
You don't have to worry about assembly, transportation, and installation on-site. We will gladly take care of that for you.

If desired, we can document your project and take care of the appropriate marketing or media coverage.

A spectacular example of an artwork made possible at FIT is the "Sker" group of islands by artist Peter Lang, where every step of the design process was implemented totally anew. You can read about the technical effort that went into its incredible effect in our Inspiration Book, which will be published shortly.

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