Design and engineering

Product design that sets new standards

Do you want to develop a completely new product or optimize an existing one to meet your customers' needs better than the competition? Are you looking for an innovative design language, a revolutionary construction, or active support in the product development process?

Additive design is the key to a world of innovative geometries for your individual or series products. We offer you the necessary design and construction know-how as well as the appropriate software to transform great ideas into advanced products for tomorrow's markets together with you. We call this solution, which offers you support in designing additive-compatible components, ADM-E, where ADM stands for "Additive Design and Manufacturing" and the E for "Engineering".


Design innovation


Want more "Wow"?

Based on your ideas and specifications, our design specialists develop groundbreaking component designs for you. In doing so, we rely on e.g.:

  • digital textures for special surface effects
  • lattice structures to enhance the visual effect or functional component properties
  • topology optimization
  • automated design (computational engineering)

The result: better performance or lower costs, and so much more "wow"!

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Reverse engineering


From analog to digital

You have an existing product, e.g. a spare part, and want to transform it into a three-dimensional data model. No problem.

  • We scan your object or
  • digitize your 2D drawing.
  • We optimize the data model for your purposes.
  • And if you wish, we will adapt the design of your model accordingly for additive manufacturing.

Your advantage: You receive your 3D model within a few days.

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Design adaption


Optimized for production

Based on your design template, we realize material-saving, function-optimized, or weight-reduced component geometries for you, for example. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the production costs and the technical requirements of your application.

  • We analyze the design with regard to the requirements of additive manufacturing, e.g. using FEA.
  • We identify improvement potentials and necessary adaptations for the respective additive process.
  • We optimize the design, simulate the component properties and
  • We test the result, e.g. by producing prototypes or test samples.

In the end, you benefit from a design that is optimal in terms of manufacturing costs and product benefits.

For Bosch, we have very effectively improved the design of a workpiece carrier. In our Inspiration Book, which will be published shortly, you can read in more detail about the optimizations we have made to this.

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