3D-printed spare parts


It's all about availability

In many industries, the availability of spare and wear parts for aging plant and machinery is not only a headache, but also causes high costs in procurement and administration.

With 3D printing, you can revolutionize your spare parts management. Lack of availability, long delivery times, unforeseen high ordering costs and expensive inventories are a thing of the past, because additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce spare parts exactly when they are needed. We call this S.P.O.D. (Spare Parts On Demand).

In FIT's S.P.O.D. program, we focus on the critical spare parts, i.e. the ones that really worry you. We check whether and how these spare parts can be produced in 3D printing from a cost and quality perspective, digitize them, save them in a virtual warehouse and produce them as soon as the need arises - in other words, perfectly on demand. This makes manufacturing costs and delivery times plannable, minimizes failure risks and eliminates costly warehousing.

This is what you can expect from us:

We agree on the key data for the project, define the project team and collect information about the spare parts inventory and the relevant KPIs.

Identification of S.P.O.D. spare parts
We select the 3D-printable spare parts and roughly define the manufacturing process and production costs. In parallel, we calculate the conversion costs for additive manufacturing and estimate the effects on the KPIs.

We digitize the S.P.O.D. spare parts, develop and test the manufacturing processes and save the data models and the associated manufacturing parameters in a database.

Spare parts production
We manufacture the S.P.O.D. spare parts according to your needs and measure the KPI effects together with you.

Benefit from our service for 3D-printed spare parts. Test us. Send us your request and we will arrange a first, non-binding consultation.

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