Architecture: Exterior facade


Architecture is heading for a paradigm shift. Building must remain affordable, be sustainable and become more individual. In this combination, traditional construction methods quickly reach their limits. Together, we shall be overcoming these limits.

Additive Tectonics, the FIT subsidiary that focuses on architecture and art, combines lightweight construction and material efficiency with spectacular architecture to create a new generation of buildings welcoming the future. Computational design and engineering, combined with industrial additive manufacturing, creates spectacular geometries that are fast, sustainable and inexpensive to manufacture. This is made possible by a fully integrated and digital value chain that extends from the initial idea to the construction site.

636 different intertwined structural elements, each measuring around 5 m², form this distinctive facade over a total area of 3,000 m². The material used consists of 70% recycled glass and is coated in Le Corbusier's striking orange hue "Orange Vif".

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Fassade 2
Fassade 3
Fassade 4

Architecture: Roofing

Cloud 9

Cloud Nine is being built as a hypermodern building complex right next to Václav Havel Airport in Prague. A cultural center, a MultiMedia Conference Center, several restaurants, bars and lounges, 40 VIP luxury suites including wellness spa and gym are planned on the site. The cultural center consists of two main buildings divided by a covered area called "Canyon".

The entire complex will be covered with a flowing, cloud-like mesh, which can only be realized in this way using 3D printing technology. Thanks to the latest 3D printing technology, the furnishings in the meeting and communication rooms will also have an unusual and ultra-modern appearance.

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Architecture: Facade tool

Boarding House

We don't just talk about architecture, we live it and show it with the buildings on our company premises that reflect our passion for design. This is also the case with our Boarding House, which offers customers, guests and employees a comfortable place to stay on FIT's AM Campus.

As part of the planning for this cubic building, our goal was to use an extraordinary facade to demonstrate the performance possibilities of additive manufacturing for the architecture of tomorrow.

In collaboration with the architects from Berschneider + Berschneider and the facade professionals from STO and Verotech, we developed a special procedure for using additively manufactured tools to produce an individual facade structure at a reasonable cost

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Boarding House 2
Boarding House 3

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