New perspectives for additive manufacturing: FIT AG publishes state-of-the-art R&D Report

New perspectives for additive manufacturing: FIT AG publishes state-of-the-art R&D Report

(Lupburg / Germany, 2023-10-25) Research and development are the mother of progress and are of immense importance, especially in a new, rapidly developing technology such as additive manufacturing. In the pursuit to further develop AM, FIT AG is now publishing a free R&D report that reflects the scope of current research endeavors.

Progress comes from research, especially in a quickly evolving technology such as additive manufacturing. So it's no surprise that R&D projects are of major importance for the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group which invests 20% of sales annually in research and development.

Intensive research activities
In recent years, FIT has been involved in numerous research and development projects and cooperated with a large number of national and international project sponsors as well as specialized project partners from science and practice. The focus of its contribution to these projects is on process development, material development, and process development, both cross-industry and sector-specific, from medical technology to mechanical engineering and construction.

Insight into research projects
As part of its series of free guides to additive manufacturing, FIT is now launching an R&D Report that presents a selection of the latest research projects. "In a confusing and rapidly changing technology landscape, we try to get our customers on the track of possibilities as best as possible. From our guides, they can gain a practice-oriented overview of the state of the art in additive manufacturing that is unparalleled in this compactness. Often, much more is already possible today than customers can imagine," says Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT AG, explaining the motivation for sharing this practical wealth of knowledge.

Strong commitment to service
FIT's R&D Report is a useful source of information for customers who want to learn about upcoming applications and trends in materials and processes at an early stage, but also for universities, institutes, and companies interested in research cooperation. At the same time, the report is a reference for FIT as a project partner, which has both the necessary technical expertise and the required infrastructure and has extensive experience in the planning, implementation, and documentation of research projects.

The R&D Report is now available for download free of charge from the company's website at:

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WAAM manufacturing process  

... and demonstrator for low-distortion
design with WAAM (Aver-DED)

Specifically structured 
diabetic sole made of TPU (LAuF)

Realistic ocular prostheses (C2PAE)

Novel coronary stent 

Newly developed aortic stent  
(Aortic Gen-i-Stent)

Quality control: Powder analysis

Quality control: Analytical balance
for density measurement