Compliance creates trust.

In accordance with the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), you can report specific indications of compliance violations here without fear of being disadvantaged.

Security information.

  • The data is transmitted anonymously. If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not have to reveal your name. Please make sure that you do not provide any data that will allow obvious conclusions about your person, for example your personal data (your name or your relationship to the perpetrators) appearing in the transmitted documents.
  • To ensure that your identity is not accidentally revealed, it is safer if you submit your tip via a private PC outside the FIT network.
  • Attention: Tell Us is not an emergency service! Please do not use this service to report an immediate threat to life, health, or property, as this communication channel is not intended for this purpose. If necessary, inform the relevant authorities or the responsible internal security department.

Type of infringement:

You can report specific indications of violations in relation to the following categories. Please make your selection.

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