Rapid tooling

Always the right tool

Does this sound familiar to you? Long delivery times… excessive manufacturing costs… limited functionality… ergonomic deficits? When it comes to the procurement and use of tools or production aids, the world is not always an ideal place. That's why you should rely on 3D printing to benefit from cheaper, better, more customized, or faster-delivered tools and production aids.

With rapid tooling, FIT offers you the entire value chain for the manufacture of customized production aids or tools. From design and engineering to additive or conventional manufacturing to post-processing and finishing, we are your one-stop shop. Be clever, and benefit from our rapid tooling solution for manufacturing aids or jigs.

Rapid Tooling

Injection molding, tools and parts


The perfect solution for small batch series

The larger the quantity, the lower the unit costs. But what if you need a small batch size in the original material for test purposes or as a special series? Milling a tool especially for this takes a long time and makes the component costs explode. And now?

Additive manufacturing is almost unbeatable for exactly this case. If your component is not larger than 200 x 200 mm, then you should not grow gray hairs and rely on 3D-printed injection molds.

Guaranteed to be inexpensive, the tool will be available to you within a few days. And if you wish, we can manufacture your components in the required material on our own injection molding equipment, including test samples and quality testing.

Read our upcoming Inspiration Book to find out how we produced a small series injection mold for ARaymond using additive manufacturing.

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Special tools


When "normal" is not enough

There are suitable tools for almost every application. However, when it comes to individual, very special or one-time use tools, the range of opportunities is usually getting smaller and smaller while prices keep going up. This does not have to be the case.

To provide you with special applications quickly and economically and without having to compromise on quality, we offer additive manufacturing of:

  • special tools
  • individualized tools
  • embossing punches
  • cutting tools or
  • thermoforming and RIM tools.

Take advantage of our full service. From tool design to precise delivery, FIT is your one-stop shop.

How do you make a custom building facade inspired by a mesh structure without breaking the budget? Conventional facade production reaches its limits. You can read how we solved this challenge in our forthcoming Inspiration Book. Stay tuned!

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Assembly aids and jigs


No "gauche" promises

Do you use assembly aids, gauges or jigs in your production to ensure the quality of your products and the efficiency of your processes? Probably so. However, many companies are finding that this area in particular has hidden potential to further improve the productivity of your production. Therefore, start now and get your productivity gain. How? With the possibilities offered by additive design and additive manufacturing at FIT.

We manufacture for you precisely, quickly and 100% individually:

  • assembly gauges
  • joining gauges
  • bonding gauges
  • assembly aids
  • test gauges or
  • drill jigs

Geometrical freedom comes free of charge, so you can benefit additionally from lightweight construction and other functional improvements. And that pays off. Customized gauges speed up inspection processes, and perfectly adapted jigs reduce unnecessary handling and working times. In our soon-to-be-published Inspiration Book, we show you how we managed to optimize a drill jig from Ascent Aerospace.

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