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Development for your success

Would you like to know how and with which material or technology your product concept or your component can best be manufactured additively?

There is not always a ready-made solution. Especially when it comes to particularly innovative geometries or material and process combinations, development work is often still needed.

That's exactly why we are the right partner. Our development engineers support you in the context of study, test or research projects with many years of know-how and state-of-the-art equipment. Take advantage of this when you:

  • want to manufacture a component with specific requirements that cannot be achieved with standard additive manufacturing materials.
  • are looking for an additive process tailored to your needs in order to have your component manufactured faster, more cheaply or with better functionality.
  • need a customized software solution to enable the design or manufacture of your component.

In all cases, you will benefit from a proven approach that leads to resilient results, reliable manufacturing processes and clear statements regarding quality, time, costs and benefits.

We call this solution "ADM-D", where ADM is an acronym for "Additive Design and Manufacturing" and D stands for "Development".

Material development

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Don't use just "materials", use your material of choice

High-alloy stainless steel, biocompatible titanium or flame-retardant plastic: The material is a decisive factor for the properties of your component. Even though the number of available materials in additive manufacturing continues to grow, not everything your components demand today is already additively feasible.

It is precisely at this threshold that your progress begins. This is exactly where we are strong.

Start your development project with us to qualify your materials for additive manufacturing of your components.

With us, you will find more than 10 different 3D printing processes, so that you can obtain assured findings about the manufacturing possibilities of your components in the desired material and process combination in a short time and from a single source. Of course, also taking into account a planned further processing or finishing.

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Process development


What you want is what you get

Maximum geometrical freedom through the use of robots, maximum efficiency through more laser power or maximum volume through large-format printing: the processes of additive manufacturing are becoming increasingly sophisticated and numerous. Many things are possible, some not yet.

To make your projects possible, it is our claim to push the limits of what is feasible and to find ways for an economically viable additive manufacturing of your components.

Use our development expertise to qualify a completely new or adapted manufacturing process for the additive manufacturing of your components.

With us, you have access to the extensive knowledge and many years of experience of the technology leader in additive manufacturing.

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Individal software solutions


Tailor-made software

Digitization, IoT and AI are defining elements for additive manufacturing when it comes to automating and streamlining design and manufacturing processes. However, the more individual the requirement, the more difficult it is to find the right software.

With our own software company within the FIT Group, we offer you the opportunity to develop software programs and apps that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Parametric and algorithmic design, the production of individualized serial parts or the production of sophisticated one-offs thus become possible.

Develop digital solutions with us to break new ground in design and manufacturing.

We are the developers of the Netfabb 3D printing software - so software manufacturing is part of our DNA.

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