The FiT filter carrier is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable masks and fabric masks. By wearing the filter carrier you meet the state's mask requirements. Handling is very easy: insert filter material between the two plastic baskets and fasten the mask to the head with the two rubber bands. Nevertheless, questions may still arise from time to time. We have compiled the most frequent customer questions for you here.

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In most German federal states there is now a mask obligation for shops and public transport. So if you go shopping or travel by bus or train, you must wear a mask. The reason for this is that the minimum distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained throughout (e.g. on supermarket shelves or when getting on and off the bus). Many companies advise their employees to wear a mouth and nose protection during work to keep the risk of infection as low as possible. We therefore recommend wearing the filter carrier in all situations where the minimum distance cannot be maintained or whenever you meet people outside your household. It is important to note that the recommended distances must be observed even if a mask is worn.
The scope of delivery includes two plastic carrier baskets, two standard household rubbers for fastening, and the instructions for use. To ensure that the mask can be used immediately upon receipt, we recommend that you insert a paper tissue as described in the instructions for use. We have summarized some tips for other filter materials in our FAQs, topic "Which filter materials are suitable?", and have already posted examples online.

You have to change the filter between the plastic baskets at the latest when it is damp or dirty. If you wear the mask for a longer period of time, i.e. for more than 1 hour, you can take it off and dry it in between. If the mask is worn permanently throughout the day, you must change the filter material regularly, as the moisture makes the filter unusable.

When changing the filter, be careful not to bring the damp filter material or the plastic baskets into contact with your mouth or nose. Wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly after changing the filter and before inserting a new filter material.

Our plastic filter carrier is made of polyethylene (short: PE) by injection molding. Polyethylene does not contain any plasticizers and is used in the food sector, for example for freezer bags and containers. We have summarized the sustainable aspects of our filter carrier in our FAQs on the question "How sustainable is the FiT filter carrier?"
Our plastic filter carrier is made of polyethylene (short: PE) by injection molding. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic, very environmentally friendly plastic that is recyclable and burns without residue. The filter carriers can be easily disinfected and are a sustainable alternative to disposable and disposable masks due to their reusability. We have summarized the health aspects of PE in our FAQs on the question "Is the plastic of the filter carrier harmless to health?"
To disinfect the plastic baskets, we recommend boiling the two baskets in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Make sure that the size of the pot and the amount of water is sufficient to cover both baskets. If necessary, after 5 minutes turn the filter holder baskets upside down with a wooden spoon and leave the baskets upside down in the boiling water for another 5 minutes. The material of the plastic baskets remains unchanged by boiling out and there is no danger of discolouring the cooking pot. Place the baskets on a clean tea towel or kitchen paper to dry them or dab them dry with clean hands. Which filter materials are suitable for our filter carrier and how often you should disinfect or change them can be found in our FAQs on the questions "How often should I change the filter?" and "Which filter materials are suitable?"
To help you assemble the filter carrier and insert a paper handkerchief as filter material, we have published a simple instruction manual on our website and created a short instruction video. For further recommendations for use, there are detailed answers in our FAQs or our application tips.
When ordering our filter carriers, you will receive two standard household rubbers in addition to the two filter carrier baskets. These are very suitable for the first use of the mask immediately after receiving the order. You can therefore use the mask immediately without having to buy additional fixing material or try out instructions for further fixing techniques. When putting on the mask for the first time, please observe the enclosed instructions for use. If you use the mask permanently, we recommend that you follow our application tips for further fastening options.
Because you can disinfect and clean the plastic baskets, other family members can also use the filter carriers. However, to enable you to re-use your mask frequently and to distinguish it from the other masks in your household, here is a tip for labelling and storing your mask.

Currently, we offer colored filter carriers only from an order quantity of 5.000 pieces. As a corporate customer, you can order the color of the filter carrier to match your corporate design or have also your logo applied. You can find further information and sample pictures on our website. Unfortunately, no further colors can be ordered below an order quantity of 5,000 pieces.

You can find some tips on how to make your filter carrier stand out visually by using colored filter material in our FAQs on the question "I would like to personalize my mask. Are there any examples?" or under the application tips.

For many everyday masks, tests with high-speed cameras have shown that a large number of particles can escape during coughing, especially from the sides. The plastic cups of the FiT filter support fit the face particularly well due to their outer contour, both on the sides and in the nose area. As a result, the FiT filter carrier cannot slip, even with additional movement, and does not have to be repeatedly adjusted as is the case with conventional fabric masks, for example. This also reduces the contact of the hands with mouth or nose.

The FiT filter carrier is easy and quick to clean and can be used immediately and anywhere. Where other "community masks" have to be washed, dried and, if necessary, re-formed by ironing, the FiT filter carrier can be used again after only 5 minutes of boiling.

Despite lockdown and exit restrictions, there are many employees who cannot work in the home office or have to keep appointments despite exit restrictions. The required quantity of disposable masks is therefore hardly imaginable. The FiT filter carrier remains hygienic for a long time even when used continuously. Instead of 5-6 disposable masks per day, everyone who uses the FiT filter carrier will only need 5-6 paper tissues.

For first-time use of the mask immediately after receipt, we recommend inserting a paper tissue as described in the instructions for use. There are numerous materials available in the household that are suitable as filter material.

The following filters are only suitable for one-time insertion and must be disposed of as soon as they become moist. The filters can also be used in several layers.

  • A paper handkerchief
  • A paper towel
  • A sheet from the kitchen roll
  • One napkin (with motif if desired)

The following filters can be disinfected after they have become damp and can therefore be reused after thorough cleaning, e.g. by washing at at least 60°. The filters can also be used in several layers.

  • Fabrics: Cotton fabric, e.g. kitchen towel, handkerchief, linen or silk cloths, cushion covers, non-woven fabrics, etc.
  • Microfibre cloths are less suitable than other fabrics.

There are many different statements as to which fabrics are best suited as filter inserts. Virologists come to the conclusion that any mouth and nose protection, whether scarf or surgical mask, is better than no protection at all. We ourselves are not experts when it comes to the filtering effect of materials, so we can only provide you with a list of possible filter materials. Also our FiT filter carrier is only as good as the filter inserted. Depending on the material, the number of particles that are released into the air, e.g. when speaking or coughing, is reduced to a greater or lesser extent. The fit and use of the mask also have an effect on the effectiveness.

By choosing a coloured filter material with different motifs, you can personalize and “pimp” your mask.

You can find some examples, from motif napkins to printed cotton fabrics, in our application tips.

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