Garniture Tongue - Challenge

The Hauni Group is the world's leading provider of technologies and technical services for the international tobacco industry. With around 4,500 employees at over 20 locations world-wide, the Hauni Group unites the Hauni, Borgwaldt, Borgwaldt Flavor, Decouflé, Garbuio, Sodim, and Kodis brands. Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is the leading company in the Hauni Group.

For the production of cigarettes and filters, every manufacturing step is focused on maximum automation, outstanding quality, and excellent flexibility. Therefore, perfect production tools are needed. The garniture tongue for example is used in the manufacture of cigarette filters. It transports and shapes the filter material into a round and endless strand. This component is an important part. 

Garniture Tongue - Challenge
Garniture Tongue - FIT Solution

Garniture Tongue - FIT Solution

Production Tools (Special Tool)

Tool feasibility check
Result: Additive manufacturing of a complex structure to guarantee a reliable and well-controlled material flow is possible.
- Recommended material of the end-use part: 1.4542 (stainless steel)
- Recommended technology: Laser Melting (LM)

Tool construction

Design adjustment of the component through supplementing a complex structure on the inside to guarantee a reliable and well-controlled material flow

Tool manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of the garniture tongue with our quality approved AM process for Laser Melting (LM)


- Support removal
- Blasting
- CNC milling

Quality assurance

- Tactile measurement after CNC milling
- Density check of the cooling channels
- Measurement and control of tensile tests and density cubes

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