Individualized series

Customers today are increasingly demanding individualized products. Additive manufacturing opens up the opportunity for companies to benefit from this megatrend, allowing to mass-produce individualized products and thus opening up new markets and customers. With ADM-CV, we synchronize your customization project with our manufacturing processes so that we can guarantee smooth order processing and production as well as error-free delivery of personalized products.

Individualized series

You need

  • Consulting - You get a realization concept for the additive serial production of your customized products.

  • Design development - If required, we develop design adaptations or totally new design approaches to fulfill your budget and functional requirements.

  • Process development - At FIT, you have access to a manufacturing process that has been developed, optimized, and validated specifically for the requirements of your customized components.

  • Customized volume manufacturing - Based on a supply agreement, we reliably deliver customized serial parts all over the world.

  • Technology transfer - If required, we hand over the IP of the production process to you so that you can set up your own additive volume manufacturing of customized parts.

Steps to successful customized volume manufacturing

Feasibility check – We check the feasibility of your customization idea as well as your product requirements with regard to additive manufacturing; we develop recommendations and a proposal for the  next steps.
  • Report incl. recommendations for action
  • Estimation of the minimum possible manufacturing costs
Concept development – We develop a concept for the implementation of the customization, from order to delivery.
  • Report on the manufacturing plan
  • Rough estimate of the manufacturing costs of the component
  • Cost breakdown for the next project steps
Implementation – We implement and test the process of customization and produce prototypes, if required.
  • Guidelines for individualized serial production
  • Specification of the final manufacturing costs of the component
ADM-CV – Following AM optimization and AM validation, we manufacture your individualized products according to the final manufacturing agreement.
  • Customized end-use products
  • Regular KPI reports

Steps to successful customized volume manufacturing
Your guide to ADM-CV

Your guide to ADM-CV

Matthias Kern is a Master of Applied Research in Engineering (M.Sc.) specializing in medical technology, quality management. Head of the medical technology division of FIT AG since 2018, he is responsible for the production of medical devices class I-III by means of additive manufacturing processes (EBM or PBF-EB/M, laser melting or PBF-LB/M, SLS or PBF-LB/P, PolyJet) and manages national and international customer projects as well as international funding projects. His special competence is the customized volume manufacturing service ADM-CV.

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