Individualized series

Additive Manufacturing allows companies to create entirely new business models through the serial production of individualized products. Such projects represent serious challenges in many technological fields, scanning, data preparation, manufacturing, and especially in quality assurance. From our expertise in manufacturing technology, we help to define your individualization and data preparation technology so that it seamlessly integrates into manufacturing. Afterwards, we implement a manufacturing system designed to your aspirations in regional, national, or global coverage and customer experience.

Individualized series


  • Individualization concept for the AM of your individualized component in view of material, design and production, data capture, preparation, and quality assurance technologies

  • Identification of Critical Manufacturing Elements (CMEs), creation of solutions for useful adjustments of the subareas of your component, and development of a QA strategy to deal with these CMEs in every single of your products

  • Development of design adaptations or new design approaches to fulfill your budget and functional requirements

  • Manufacturing of your components with the selected AM technology incl. post-processing, quality control, and shipment

  • Technology transfer of all required AM hard- and software for in-house manufacturing

We guide you to the goal

Brief of customization – We check the AM-feasibility of the customization, develop recommendations and a proposal for the next step
  • A&R report with customization recommendations
  • LPC
Concept of the customization – We implement the customization brief and develop the complete concept for customization (incl. software, order management, logistics, quality control, etc.)
  • Report for D&R draft incl. customization
  • Initial product cost estimation (update)
Definition of the customization – Together we define the relevant parameters for customization
  • Regulations for customization
  • Guideline for process development
ADM-CV – We manufacture your customized products in accordance with the final manufacturing agreement with an innovative QA concept and agreed-on targets for your customer experience
  • Ready-to-use components
  • Regular KPI reports

We guide you to the goal
Your guide to ADM-CV

Your guide to ADM-CV

Enrico Huebner graduated from WHZ in Zwickau in Mechanical Engineering with a special focus on Industrial Engineering. From his long-term professional record in additive manufacturing, he is a true AM expert who has a profound knowledge of all processes and procedures of industrial AM. His current main focus at FIT is ADM-CV, customized series manufacturing using AM technologies. In the position of a project engineer at FIT, Enrico Huebner supports international customers throughout Europe and the US.

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