Technology Development for AM

The development of an AM component often requires the development of certain materials, manufacturing processes, or post-processing techniques. With our technology development services we provide you with manufacturing technology tailored to your application. Based on manufacturing test samples of the component (complete or in parts), we give you clear recommendations for the implementation of the production. It's clever to take advantage of our expertise to save time and money during your additive product introduction.

Technology Development for AM

You need

  • Individual software development - With a whole specialized development unit, we are able to create individual AM software solutions for your applications.
  • Special material development - Your component requires a special material? We develop the best AM parameter set for you.
  • Customized process optimization - Every component is different. We define customized part settings and routines for your application.
  • Specific post-process development - The interaction between material, manufacturing, and finishing is complex. We create a reliable post-processing workflow for you.
  • Quality control development - Depending on your requirements, we realize your customized quality assurance process.

We guide you to the goal

1. Definition of the framework - Together we define the study targets, the framework, the requirements, and the object(s) of investigation
Result: Study contract

2. Preparation for execution - We develop the study design, the time and resource planning, and together we determine the project team
Result: Project plan

3. Study implementation - We execute the particular steps of the study and produce the test sample parts if required
Result: Presentation of the conclusions

4. Testing the conclusions - We sum up the study results in a report and present the final results
Result: Study report

We guide you to the goal
Your guide to ADM-D

Your guide to ADM-D

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Bonke graduated from TUM (Technische Universität München) in Mechanical Engineering and has been addicted to additive manufacturing since his beginnings at FIT Production in 2004. Due to his long-term experience, Alexander is an expert in ADM which describes any interaction between additive design and 3D printing. His current main focus is laid upon our solutions ADM-D and ADM-Q.

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