Technology Development for AM

The development of an additive component often begins long before the design phase, when specific materials, manufacturing processes, or post-processing techniques need to be developed. As part of an ADM-D project, FIT's AM specialists conduct qualified studies and tests to develop reliable manufacturing processes for the production of components with new materials, or to create new processes that will pay off economically in the end.

Technology Development for AM

You need

  • Software development - We have a whole subsidiary dedicated to IT where we develop individual software solutions for customer projects.

  • Material development - Our material experts will qualify even materials that are currently not available in additive manufacturing for the corresponding manufacturing processes, if required.

  • Process development - We will develop processes and parameter sets for additive manufacturing, the subsequent post-processing, or the final quality control, if required.

Steps to successful technology development

Definition of the framework - Together we define the goal of the study, its requirements and contents, as well as the general conditions (deadlines, costs, etc.).
Result: Contract regarding the study

Preparation for implementation - We develop the specific study content, the time schedule, and milestone plan and determine the project team.
Result: Project plan

Implementation of the study - We carry out the study and produce sample parts in the process, if required.
Result: Presentation of the conclusions

Testing/verifying the conclusions - We verify the results and develop the implementation concept on their basis.
Result: Presentation of test results on the basis of real manufactured sample parts

Final presentation - We summarize the results of the study in a final report and present the findings to you.
Results: Report on the study

Steps to successful technology development
Your guide to ADM-D

Your guide to ADM-D

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Bonke graduated from TUM (Technische Universität München) in Mechanical Engineering and has been addicted to additive manufacturing since his beginnings at FIT Production in 2004. Due to his long-term experience, Alexander is an expert in ADM which describes any interaction between additive design and 3D printing. His current main focus is laid upon our ADM-D solutions.

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