Additive Engineering & Design

Virtually every component, no matter if single or serial component, must be structurally adapted for additive manufacturing during its development process. As part of a redesign project, we support you with special software and engineering solutions to prepare a perfect data model of your component for additive manufacturing. Use the know-how of our experienced AM engineers to play safe in this important phase.

Additive Engineering & Design

You need

  • Additive design for functional integration - We push your design to the limit in terms of functional integration.
  • Topology-optimization - We optimize the basic shape of your component for efficient additive manufacturing.
  • FEA analysis for AM - We analyze and optimize the behavior of your component under defined conditions.
  • Manufacturing costs optimization - We optimize the design of your component to optimize the additive manufacturing costs.
  • Post-processing costs optimization - We adapt the design of your component to minimize finishing costs.
  • Design automation - Algorithm-based product development.

We guide you to the goal

1. Definition of the framework - Together we define the framework, the requirements, and the targets of the design project
Result: Design contract

2. Redesign - We clarify CMEs (Critical Manufacturing Elements), adjust the design or design a new product
Result: Report on design adjustments, D&R (Design & Reliability) report draft, CME report draft

3. Design testing - We simulate the design with regard to the required properties (cost, function, quality parameters) and produce and test sample parts if required
Result: Presentation of the test results

4. Design optimization - We optimize the design as a result of the design testing, produce and test sample parts if required, and finalize the design
Results: Final D&R and CME report, final product cost estimate

We guide you to the goal
Your guide to ADM-E

Your guide to ADM-E

Sven Hüntelmann graduated with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from OTH Regensburg, majoring in computational/numerical simulation. In his master's thesis, he already dealt intensively with additive manufacturing and lightweight construction. Since October 2019, he completes the FIT team in the field of additive design and engineering, specializing in production-oriented component development.

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