Additive Engineering & Design

“Design freedom“ is one of the key benefits of additive manufacturing. When developing new designs or when making design adjustments, we use all degrees of freedom to the maximum, but we are also aware of the limits of additive manufacturing. This ensures a design that can be manufactured at the budgeted cost and with the required quality. Rely on the know-how of our experienced AM engineers and be, with us, on the safe side in this crucial project phase.

Additive Engineering & Design

You need

  • Design innovation - You get an additive design that fulfills the intended function better than before and/or integrates additional functions.

  • Design adaptation - Material-saving, cost-saving, weight-reducing - your component has the perfect geometry according to the specified goal of your application.

  • FEA analysis for additive manufacturing - We analyze and optimize the behavior of your component under defined conditions to ensure it will respond to all specified requirements.

  • Optimization of manufacturing costs - You get a verified component design that is cost-optimized for additive manufacturing or post-processing.

  • Design automation - By using computational design, algorithmically or parametrically generated design variants can be easily and quickly compared under esthetic, functional, and cost aspects.

Steps to successful additive engineering

Definition of the framework - Together we define the framework, the requirements, and goals of your design project.
Result: Design contract

Redesign - We identify the critical elements of the design with regard to manufacturing and either adapt the design or develop a new design.
Result: Redesign report

Design check - We simulate the design with regard to the required properties (cost, function, quality parameters) and produce and test sample parts, if required.

Result: Test report    

Design optimization - We optimize the design based on the design check; we manufacture and measure sample parts, if required. We finalize the design.
Results: Design report, incl. final price calculation for the manufacturing costs of the component

Steps to successful additive engineering
Your guide to ADM-E

Your guide to ADM-E

Sven Hüntelmann graduated with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from OTH Regensburg, majoring in computational/numerical simulation. In his master's thesis, he already dealt intensively with additive manufacturing and lightweight construction. Since October 2019, he completes the FIT team in the field of additive design and engineering, specializing in production-oriented component development.

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