Hands-on trainings for AM

Like any other manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing requires a very specific know-how which is quite distinct from all you may know about conventional manufacturing. In our hands-on trainings, we make you familiar with this special AM knowledge. The FIT trainings cover exactly what is important in handling the everyday challenges with additive manufacturing. It's all about real facts, practical content, and valuable advice for an ensured implementation, derived from our decade-long experience in additive manufacturing.

Hands-on trainings for AM

You need

  • In-depth knowledge - The content of FIT trainings can be put to use immediately as they have been compiled by experienced pragmatists for practical use.

  • Tailor-made trainings – We develop each training specifically according to your personal needs and requirements.

  • All from one source – Everything you need to improve your AM skills is bundled in one spot: a perfect infrastructure for the training, many different AM machines for demonstrations, and even convenient accommodation on the FIT premises.

Steps to success by ADM trainings

  • AM Initial Training – The basic level trainings provide you with the basics of AM, ranging from an overview of the different technologies to an essential understanding of the technology.
  • AM Innovation Trainings – The advanced trainings help you to ignite the innovation booster for your company. You will learn how to identify and develop suitable AM applications to increase your sales.
  • AM Individual Trainings - In this special category, we develop individual trainings for your personal needs or your specific application, adapting the content and level of detail to your actual wishes and starting point.

Steps to success by ADM trainings
Your guide to ADM-T

Your guide to ADM-T

After graduating in Industrial Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg with a special focus on additive manufacturing, Achim Chrupala has been part of the FIT Production team as a dedicated project engineer since August 2017. As a project manager, he is intrigued by the challenge how to match customer-specific requirements best with the parameters of Additive Manufacturing, always pursuing the goal to provide efficient and innovative solutions. He manages projects primarily in the verticals of automotive and consumer goods and is your first contact for all training requests.

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