Additive manufacturing

Reproducible quality and cost-efficient functionality are criteria that a component must satisfy if it wants to ensure sustainable increase in value as a final product. In this context, additive technologies, such as selective laser sintering (SLS), laser melting (LM), or stereolithography (SLA), offer innovative manufacturing solutions, but require an awareness and understanding of the manufacturing for the design and engineering steps. As a result, we tend to refer to ADM components (where ADM stands for “additive design and manufacturing”) in this respect.
The path to a 3D printed end product is a long and bumpy one. As a certified partner for the automotive, aerospace, as well as medical technology industries, we know where the risks and dangers lurk along this path. And, we guide you safely past them, directly to the goal.
Our core areas:

  • Training offers for additive manufacturing
  • Additive design – design support
  • Additive engineering – calculation support with AM-specific software
  • Customized series production
  • Series production
  • Quality management

Take advantage of our 3D printing service for the production of ADM components. Test us out. Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you with quote shortly.

Our Process

Our process

Why FIT?

  • 3 years - the period of study for the production of ADM components with laser melting (LM).
  • 1,837 - the current number of test parts and tested material samples that we have produced for the quality assurance of 3D printed metal components this year alone.
  • 246 - the number of variables that we consider for the 3D printing of metal components.
  • 38 - the current number of fully implemented projects for additive series production.

Application example

The dental technology specialist Oventus Medical, in cooperation with the Australian research agency CSIRO, developed a customized, additive manufacture mouthpiece that protects patients suffering from sleep apnea from fatal breathing pauses. As a specialist in the additive manufacturing of medical components and thanks to our certification under EN ISO 13485 we were able to develop a process for the additive series production of the mouthpiece in titanium on our EBM systems for Oventus.

Application example
Hands-on training for additive manufacturing

Hands-on training for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing starts in the mind. That is where you will generally find many years of experience with conventional technologies. Our one or multi-day training sessions for engineers, designers, and technicians create space for new ideas. We show you how to utilize the possibilities provided by additive design. We guide you through the opportunities and show you the limits of additive manufacturing and work together with you to develop ways to maximize your benefits from 3D printing.

Additive design

Complex organic or bionic structures have proven themselves in nature, as they conserve materials, are light and flexible and yet still stable. Additive design is the key to using these geometries for technical applications: a revolution in component design! Our experts in additive design work together with you and use complex software systems to develop components with optimized structures and topologies to save weight, integrate functions, or reduce complexity.
Additive design
Additive engineering

Additive engineering

A component is a success if it can perfectly perform its function. A design is a success if a component can be perfectly manufactured using a defined technology. Wall thicknesses, geometric limits, machine running times, and support material: our design engineers are familiar with and consider the requirements of 3D printing when creating their data model. A final simulation of all relevant forces ensures that the virtual data model will fulfill its function in real life.

Individualized series production

Individualization is a megatrend of our time. There are numerous applications where a customized product provides a great deal of added value, for which customers are prepared to pay more. Additive manufacturing is the key to the efficient production of customized individual parts. But, uniqueness does not suffer confusion. That's why we use tried and tested manufacturing processes for your customized ADM components, even for large quantities.

Individualized series production
Additive series production

Additive series production

Series production follows a cycle and defined rules. This is a new challenge for 3D printing. We have set ourselves the task to tackle this challenge and implemented an industrial workflow for additive series production from the data preparation through to shipping. An internally developed ERP system, a statistically verified process control, absolute backtracking of the build job history, and the parallel tracking of the material batches are factors that distinguish our series production of your ADM components.

Additive manufacturing

Laser Melting (LM)
Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)
Full-color PolyJet
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Stereolithography (SLA)
PolyJet (FLT)
Binder Jetting (Drop on Powder)
Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP)

Conventional manufacturing

Injection molding
More info
Vacuum casting
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Polyamide casting
More info
More info
More info
More info
Tool manufacturing
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Finishing techniques

Metal coating
Heat treatment
Barrel finishing

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