We are an internationally leading industry partner for the additive manufacturing of components. As a pioneer in the industry with around 25 years of experience, we know and understand your requirements and confidently and competently navigate from the idea through to the finished component. Irrespective of whether this involves a prototype, a production tool, a 3D printed spare part, or an additively manufactured mass-produced component. We make the entire value chain of 3D printing available to you, from product design through to engineering, production, and post-processing. And, if you want, we also provide individual consultation and training services on the topic of additive manufacturing. With numerous software solutions, a range of 3D printing technologies, comprehensive machinery, and 280 employees, we are the 3D printing service provider who can offer you everything you need for your 3D printed components, from a specific service through to a complete solution. And, because additive manufacturing is not the best solution in every single case, we also have numerous conventional technologies at our disposal, such as CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum casting, or elastomer manufacturing.



“By engaging us to manufacture your component, we assume a great responsibility, which we handle with care, because we know and understand that every defect on a component has permanent consequences. To fully meet this responsibility, we strive to develop and manufacture the perfect component for you every single time.”

Carl Fruth, Founder and CEO of FIT


We get to the heart of the matter. We want to precisely understand the functional purpose of a product, an assembly, or an individual component. We want to understand and find out how a component is currently manufactured and the requirements that the finished component needs to satisfy. We want to know how the component is used and the ecosystem in which it is applied to understand the overall context. Only when we have truly understood what is really going on do we start to act and work together with you to develop and implement a better, more cost-effective, or faster solution.



Additive manufacturing offers countless opportunities, but the component must have been developed or adapted for production with 3D printing. We therefore strive to do everything we can to support you in this migration and work together with you to initiate the ground-breaking changes towards additive manufacturing. As a development and implementation partner, we will never leave you to fend for yourself in the 3D printing jungle, rather we act as a “guide for additive manufacturing” to show you the best path to reach your goal.

Extension of the FIT Campus

Extension of the FIT Campus by commissioning the second factory building for industrial 3D printing with a production area covering around 4,500 m². Inauguration of the in-house Boarding House with 48 one- and two-room apartments for employees, customers, and partners of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group.

Business expansions

Opening of the FIT Campus with the inauguration of the new administration building, the “FIT Tower” covering around 2,000 m². Foundation of FITNIK Ltd. as a joint venture between the Russian company NIK Ltd., a specialist in consulting and engineering services in the aerospace industry with around 500 employees, and the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Foundation of FIT Japan K.K. to drive the expansion in the Asian market, especially in Japan.

Investment of 20 million euros

Investment of 20 million euros in the FIT Campus, FIT AG’s new centre for additive manufacturing and commissioning of the first factory building for industrial 3D printing, with a production area covering around 2,000 m².

Sale of netfabb GmbH

Sale of netfabb GmbH to the US software group Autodesk, which acquired a 10 % interest in FIT AG.
Investment in 2 Arcam EBM systems.

Renaming of FIT GmbH as FIT AG

Renaming of FIT GmbH as FIT AG.
Investment in 10 SLM Solutions systems for laser melting (LM).

Foundation of FIT America Inc.

Foundation of FIT America Inc. as a sales office for the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group in the USA.

Compliance with U.S. FDA.

Compliance with the requirements of the U.S. FDA.

Spin-off of netfabb GmbH

Spin-off of netfabb GmbH, whose software of the same name was used by over 80,000 designers, developers, manufacturers, artists, and researchers worldwide every year up to the sale of the subsidiary in 2013.

Acquisition of Sintermask GmbH

Acquisition of the Swedish company Sintermask GmbH.
First series-production of implants in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 certification.

Micro-structured exhibits

Micro-structured exhibits are presented at Euromold in Frankfurt and medical patient-specific implants are manufactured for the very first time.

Titanium components

The first EBM system manufactures titanium components.

Prototype manufacturing in LM

Successful start to prototype manufacturing in laser melting (LM).

Selective laser sintering

Entry into selective laser sintering (SLS).

New premises

The company moves into its new premises in the Lupburg-Eichenbuehl industrial estate.

Foundation of FIT

Foundation of FIT (Fruth Innovative Technologien) by Carl Fruth in August 1995. The additive manufacturing of components is the core business right from the outset and the huge demand for these innovative production processes as well as the rapid and successful implementation quickly transform the company into a sought-after specialist in the rapid prototyping and rapid tooling sectors.


FIT Standorte


The protection of your property is our highest priority. Ultimately, you are entrusting us with your sensitive projects and data. Our guarantee to you: nothing will leak out. In addition to the standard contractual agreements (NDA), we have also installed an audited compliance system and have all the necessary insurances for fidelity losses. Moreover, our employees regularly receive documented training on data security, compliance, and risk management. We also perform security audits for individual customers. Our factory and office buildings were divided into different security areas during construction so as to comply with current and future confidentiality requirements. Our IT is centrally managed by in-house specialists and IT security is also monitored by external contractors. All of our company buildings have burglar alarms and are under video surveillance. Additional fundamental security measures include a central database system and central server for customer and company data as well as central access monitoring. All information is classified.

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