“Which AM technology is most likely utilized to construct plastic prototypes with excellent surface quality?”

One of the most important AM (Additive Manufacturing) technologies used at the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is Stereolithography – which also happens to be one of our most widely used processing methods. After decades of working with SLA, we know literally everything there is to know about the technology. Why is SLA so successful? Read Thomas Geitner's perspective, CEO of FIT Prototyping and an AM expert with more than 20 years of practical experience.

Thomas Geitner:“We love to work with SLA at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. The reason is simple, we're confident that our customers will be extremely satisfied with our products. SLA allows for high surface quality and resolution. As a result, specifically designed patterns can be achieved in flawless and perfect appearances. Interestingly enough, a major application of SLA parts is to produce master models for molding and casting processes. The rapid production of SLA parts (starting at 3 working days) is a way to reduce product development times; different design variants can be tested very quickly. Speed or Quick Time to Market (TTM) is often a decisive benefit when considering customer requirements."

Process Characteristics SLA:

• Curing of layers (0.1 – 0.15 mm) of liquid photopolymers by UV lasers, support structures required
• Maximum build space: 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm
• Lead time: starting from 3 working days
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Available Materials:

• White material similar to ABS (SLA1)
• Transparent material (SLA2)
• Material with higher elongation at break (SLA3)
• Heat resistant material (SLA4)
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Properties and Benefits:

• Good surface quality
• High accuracy
• High resolution
• Very short lead times
• Very suitable for post-production processes

Areas of Application:

• Prototypes and design models
• Master parts for casting techniques
• Detailed models of complicated geometry
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