FIT Additive Manufacturing Group presents Crystal Cabin Award to Airbus and Altran

Lupburg/Hamburg (2018-04-18) – Airbus, in cooperation with Altran, has won the 2018 Crystal Cabin Award with printed electrics in the Material & Components category. The Crystal Cabin Award is the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation. Carl Fruth, CEO of CCA's Platinum Sponsor FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, was given the honor to present the distinguished award to the proud winners. The newly designed 2018 trophy was also produced by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group using its latest additive manufacturing technology.

The new digital technology of printed electrics uses conductive inks to print circuits on a flexible foil, thus replacing conventional harnesses. It has the potential to reduce weight and manufacturing cost, to simplify assembling, and to allow for a very flexible last-minute customization. As their challenge contribution, the joint Airbus and Altran project team has submitted the fully functional demonstrator of a printed Info Panel.

Founded in 2007, the internationally renowned Crystal Cabin Award acknowledges projects that will significantly improve aircraft interiors. The CCA has a prestige comparable to the Oscar in the film industry and is accorded every year in eight categories.

“It is my utmost pleasure and honor to present the award to Airbus and Altran in the Materials & Components category“, says Carl Fruth. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a technology pioneer itself, specializing in the disruptive technology of industrial 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, as FIT Additive Manufacturing Group itself prefers to describe its activities. “It’s easy to understand why FIT Additive Manufacturing Group was chosen to produce the 2018 CCA trophies, using its revitalizing and disruptive technologies. The trophy has undergone a specifically additive redesign which is reflective of the essential concepts of today’s aircraft engineering: lightweight construction as well as a technically advanced design.” Manufactured in aluminum by laser melting, the backside of the trophy shows a precise honeycomb structure applied on a convex surface, which cannot be achieved in the same quality and efficiency by using conventional manufacturing. The resulting lightweight effect is astounding at first touch.

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group itself has very ambitious goals in the aviation sector. Just recently the company launched an international joint venture with Russian aviation specialist NIK Ltd. It is the declared goal of FITNIK to synergistically merge FIT’s AM expertise with NIK’s practical aircraft knowhow. Actually, not such a bad starting position to head for the next Crystal Cabin Award!

Carl Fruth felicitates the winning team of Airbus and Altran CCA 2018 trophies, additively redesigned by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group

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