Two trade shows, one trend line: Demand of AM services is growing at Engine Expo and Rapid.Tech

Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt

Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2018 maintains the record for the longest standing trade show focused on additive manufacturing technologies in Germany. Attendees from more than 20 countries make Rapid.Tech one of the most important European AM events. Topics at the center of the user conference were new technologies and special panels focusing on science, tooling, aviation, and medtech.

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, a member of the advisory board of Rapid.Tech, has emphasized the trade show's 15th anniversary with two special commitments. CEO Carl Fruth formed part of the jury of this year's Start-up-Award and sponsored the 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international design contest of growing reputation. In return, he was honored with the "Urgestein" award as one of 15 AM pioneers with the highest impact on the industry.

A new service in FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's portfolio is to provide urgently needed industrial spare parts that will be manufactured promptly on demand. Another AM trend we’re focusing on and providing is large format additive manufacturing. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the only provider in Europe to produce large metal parts with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and large and hollow plastic sculptures with Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP).

"Rapid.Tech 2018 was a grand meeting of the European AM family, bringing together pioneers and new-comers", says Bruno Knychalla, Head of Large Format Additive Manufacturing at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. "The trade show has, again, proven that we are the technology leader who is able to identify new technologies of high potential, to adjust them to industrial standards, and to integrate them into our comprehensive service portfolio. Take GDP as an example: We are excited to be the only contract manufacturer in Europe who can offer this technology to customers in architecture, allowing for outstanding applications such as unique facades, exclusive interior design, and many more."

Engine Expo 2018 in Stuttgart

At the same time, Engine Expo dedicated to the automotive industry was a go-to event for everybody interested in automotive engineering. A special provider for automotive and Formula 1 focused on additive design manufacturing and rapid prototyping, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group gave an added adge to the state-of-the-art services present at Engine Expo.

David Sarnowski, Sales Manager at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, sums up the event: "Attendees were very international, with a profound technical background and wide-spread interests. As foreseen, most enquiries dealt with metal additive manufacturing such as laser melting and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Most requested were, again, complex geometrical structures to incorporate light weight construction and cooling systems."

In the conference section, Albert Klein, CFO der FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, presented the technology's benefits as well as our experiences with it in greater detail. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing uses 5-axis welding to produce 3D massive parts. Manufacturing costs can be lowered by up to 60 % when using WAAM instead of any comparable CNC procedure.

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