AM-News 51/2018: Learn all about stereolithography

We strive to develop and manufacture nothing less than the perfect component for you. This means we get to heart of the matter, understanding the product requirements and of course the ideal manufacturing technology. That’s why we never stop investing in the most modern machines. The latest enhancements in our machine park are 4 new stereolithography machines by 3D Systems, of the types ProX800 and ProX950. Learn more about stereolithography

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Sample case: Anatomical Model

The challenge.
A complicated cranial surgery has to be thoroughly prepared.

The solution.
A 3D model of the patient’s skull visualizes the specific physical conditions. Varying approaches to the surgery can be discussed, the surgery can be simulated.

The project realization.
We recommend to manufacture the highly realistic, detailed skull model by using machine type ProX800 and the material Accura® ClearVue.

Sample case: Master model for vacuum casting

The challenge.
An easily transportable replica of a cast-iron bearing housing with fine details needed to be manufactured for sales presentations by using vacuum casting (lot size: 30 pc.)

The solution.
A robust master model with hi-res details is produced to create the silicone rubber mold for vacuum casting.

The project realization.
We recommend the SLA machine type ProX950 and the ultra-robust material Accura® Xtreme™ or also Accura HPC.

More applications of stereolithography:

  • Verification of flow characteristics in transparent models
  • Wind channel models
  • Presentation models
  • Design models (lamps, etc.)
  • Architectural models
  • Jewellery
  • Articulated functional models
  • Model railways in N scale or H0 scale

... as well as countless further applications!

Stereolithography is ideal for all highly detailed and geometrically complex components.
But do you know that even large frame components up to a size of 2000x1000x1000mm³ (depending on material) are feasible?

Do you wish to know more about stereolithography or any other of our manufacturing services, or do you need to talk to one of our FIT AM experts personally? Go ahead. We look forward to your e-mail or phone call. Feel free to submit your data to get a non-binding quote.

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