Season's Greetings!

2018 is drawing to a close, a year which will undoubtedly go down in our annals as one of the most enjoyable but, at the same time, one of the busiest as well. Now it's come the time of the year to slow down and to regain new forces for the new year.

Milestones in 2018 have been, in the field of Production Tools: our facade project of our FIT boarding house, in the field of Additive Manufacturing: our 3D printed formnext booth, in the field of 3D printed spare parts: the titanium sandbox produced for Deutsche Bahn, as well as the innovation-loaded project to save the corals using 3D printing. Spectacular new technologies have added to our machine inventory such as the supersonic SP3D technology, and the existing technologies have been updated, e.g. by several brandnew stereolithography machines - and there's so much more to come next year!

So, this is the perfect moment to sincerely say "thank you" to our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. It is together with all of you that we can look back at 2018 as a successful year.

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