Instead of the traditional new years' greetings...

So, here it is, the new year. Hand on heart: What are your New Year's resolutions? Or are you among the many who decline the very idea to make a resolutions because they fear they might their motivation sooner or later loose and return to the old bad habits.

But actually, what's so bad about rethinking what we do? Maybe it depends on what goals we define. I don't have to start making 50 situps to get a better physical condition, let's start more humbly. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Down is easy. Why not climb them next time. Or open the door for the next person passing. Or avoid plastic bags. Or count to 10... or 20 when you hear the upheaval in the children's room. To be continued...

Or think again. Let's use the cut - that a new year inevitably means - to achieve something new. Why should a resolution always be a hard one? After all, we don't need to punish ourselves. What is it you've ever wanted to do? Do it now.

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So everybody, let's make 2019 a good one!

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