FIT AG cooperates with Czech 4isp

(Lupburg/Modletice, 2020-07-07) FIT AG, the German specialist for additive manufacturing, has founded a Czech subsidiary, FIT Eurazio s.r.o., in Modletice near Prague. FIT Eurazio has agreed on extensive cooperation with 4isp s.r.o., also based in Modletice and a specialist for production systems using laser technology. The cooperation is intended to further broaden the FIT Group's range of products and services and to add technical prototypes made of sheet metal to the service portfolio.

Based on the agreements, the FIT Group will include the services and products of 4isp into its service portfolio. This also includes the production of prototypes and small series made of sheet metal. For this purpose, a production facility will be established in Modletice. In return, FIT Eurazio will offer the additive development and manufacturing services of the FIT Group in Central and Eastern Europe.

Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT AG, explains the objectives of the new business unit: "4isp and FIT are both specialists in the use of lasers in the production of metal components, each with their own focus. 4isp specializes in sheet metal cutting, while the FIT Group specializes in additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing. With this cooperation, we are launching the new Laser Technology division in the FIT Group, in which we will make our specialist know-how available to manufacturing companies of all kinds. This means, we will also be able to offer technical prototypes made of sheet metal to our existing prototyping customers."

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About the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group
The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a leading international industrial partner for additive manufacturing. As a pioneer in the industry with over 25 years of experience, the company develops and manufactures prototypes, production aids, 3D printed spare parts or additive manufactured final components for a wide range of customers. From product design to construction and manufacturing to post-processing, the AM specialist makes the entire value-added chain of 3D printing available. In addition, FIT also has numerous conventional processes at its disposal, such as CNC milling, injection moulding, vacuum casting or the processing of elastomers for efficient small-batch production. FIT AG's sales in 2019 amounted to approximately EUR 25 million. The company currently employs a total of 300 people at its headquarters in Lupburg and at other German locations e.g. in Feldkirchen, in Bologna (Italy), Brasov (Romania), Modletice (Czech Republic), Zhukovsky (Russian Federation), Nagoya (Japan), and Peoria (USA).

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