Full-color PolyJet - description of the process

Full-color PolyJet applies layers of liquid photopolymer from a print head before it curing the contour with ultraviolet (UV) light. The layer thicknesses are extremely fine at 14 µm and 27 µm. This allows components with a high dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.1 % to be manufactured. The thin layer thicknesses and the huge choice of materials allow precise, detailed models in an extremely fine resolution to be created in a single step. There is virtually no need for any post-processing, e.g. surface treatment. Multi-color and multi-material printing enables the creation of extremely realistic models. If you need colorfastness, ask for our service CAPPS.IT. With it, you can generate an almost indistinguishable copy of the original.


  • A high level of detail and resolution of the surface and color application with fine layer thicknesses (14 µm/27 µm)
  • Realistic colors by assigning the color of the body in the CAD model (over 500,000 CMYK colors)
  • Genuine full-color presentation with texturing and color gradients
  • No painting as a finishing option required
  • 6 different model materials can be combined in a single component, color transparency, and gradations


Machine capacities

1 x Stratasys J750
Envelope: 490 x 390 x 200 mm

Available materials

  • Vero™ family with opaque materials, including neutral shades and bright colors
  • Tango™ family with flexible materials
  • Transparent VeroClear™ and RGD720 materials
  • New: Vivid Colors


Post-processing options

  • Polishing
  • Assembly


  • Concept models or design prototypes with fine details and smooth surfaces
  • Master models, e.g. for vacuum casting
  • Simple production tools

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