Why FIT?

  • The rapid build-up rate allows us to produce plastic components in a single piece or multiple elements in almost any size.
  • Our diverse range of post-processing possibilities creates numerous applications for shop fitting, exhibition and scenery construction, product presentation, or for applications in the event and entertainment area.

GDP - description of the process

Gel dispensing printing (GDP) applies layers of a highly viscous gel from an extruder before it is cured in seconds by ultraviolet light. The good overhang behavior of the GDP technology makes it possible to build up almost all geometries as cavities and without any support structure. A single outer wall is generally enough to generate a dimensionally stable hollow component.

GDP - description of the process


  • Manufacture very large components (1.80 m x 1.20 m x 1.50 m)
  • Fast build-up rate (0.33 m/h)
  • Material application of up to 2 kg per hour
  • Extremely light material
  • Virtually support-free build-up (lid support-free up to 20 cm)
  • Material is flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 – class B2/ASTM D635/UL 94 HB
  • Very good post-processing capacity


Machine capacities

1 x Massivit 1800
Envelope: 1,800 x 1,200 x 1,500 mm

Available materials

  • Dimengel (white photopolymer acrylate)

Post-processing options

  • Coating (polyester, epoxy, polyurea/polyurethane, fibreglass)
  • Metal coating
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Finishing



Ideal for large, hollow components with a lower attention to detail, e.g. objects for visual communication, advertising sculptures, POS design, upscaled product presentations, light fixtures, deep drawing, shop fitting and props, design object


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