Laminating - description of the process

Laminating is used to manufacture a fibre-reinforced plastic part. This requires a mold half. This mold half is generally NC-milled from plastic block material, the surface is post-processed, sealed and a release agent is applied. The surface resin is then applied. Multiple CFRP or GRP mats impregnated with epoxy resin are applied and coated depending on the desired wall thickness. This ensures the complete cross-linking of the mats. In this process, the surface facing the mold is of an extremely high quality.


  • High part strength
  • High dimensional accuracy of the A-side
  • Tool costs are generally much lower than for a RIM tool as only one mold half is required
  • A laminating tool can be built up relatively quickly and easily depending on the desired output quantity


Machine capacities

None - it's all about manual labor, personal devotion, and craftsmanship!

Available materials

  • CFRP/GRP fabric cross-linked with epoxy resin
  • Various surface pastes

Post-processing options

  • Finishing
  • Painting (in the desired shade and in the required surface structure)



  • Prototypes
  • Small series in extremely low quantity

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