Non-destructive view into the component

For high-performance components with high manufacturing and post-processing costs, it is especially necessary to inspect the quality of the component between the individual manufacturing steps. Normally, this is done by external service providers and causes a delay of one to two weeks, usually increasing the costs. FIT owns a micro CT scanner that is seamlessly integrated into the total quality assurance system so that CT examinations can be performed "on the fly". Comprehensive examination results can be graphically displayed. This saves time and costs. Another important cost-related benefit of the 3D scan is that the cost calculation of the measuring device depends on the maximum radiographic length. Based on many years of know-how, the experts at FIT optimally position the component in the measuring chamber, because the lowest possible transmission lengths also cause the lowest possible costs.

The integrated Volume Graphics software (VG Studio Max) offers various options for analyzing dimensional accuracy or internal defects and also reverse engineering to digitize a conventionally manufactured component.

Micro-CT-Scan Optionen

Target/actual comparison
A target/actual comparison reveals deviations between the manufactured component and the associated CAD model. By overlaying the part data and the 3D model from the 3D scan, the software marks colored areas or regions that show dimensional deviations. Further simulation methods can be performed and compared on both the actual model and the target model.

Pore analysis
In a pore analysis, the size, number, and shape of the pores are identified and examined to determine their impact on the functionality of the component.

Clearance of the channels
The 3D model shows whether internal channels are free or whether e.g. so-called up-skins and down-skins influence the flow behavior in the channels. Conventionally, this can only be determined at the end of a manufacturing process through individual functional tests.

Reverse engineering
A CAD/STL file can be newly created, reconstructed from the 3D scan model. This is used where e.g. free-form surfaces as well as conventionally manufactured or post-processed components need to be reproduced or further developed. After digitization, the CAD model has object and surface properties that are important for the further manufacturing process.

Micro-CT-Scan Optionen
Machine capacities

Machine capacities

1x diondo d2

Messbereich: Ø 550 x 700 mm
Messgenauigkeit: 5 μm + L/100

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